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You were the first car I owned. We had our issues, but we also went on awesome adventures with friends. I endured a quirky transmission and no A/C in the summer months. I fixed your overflow tank, and invested in you so you didn't have to be a death trap. May your final trip to the sales yard (or the scrap yard) be safe and full of oil leaks.

Here's to you, Martian Manhunter. You lasted a good seventeen years, and you made the past four years awesome.

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J'onn's transmission is done for. I can't afford to pay for his repairs, so he's going to be donated.

I want to get a new car, but I still need to save up.

I don't really say this often, but seriously.

What do. What do, indeed.
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I was gonna drive down to my friend's house earlier this afternoon. I started up and put it in reverse.

Annnnd he sputtered and froze. I gave him a little gas and he managed to pull out. He drove fine once I put it in drive, but I wasn't going to risk driving him. I went back inside and looked up the problem. Sure enough, his transmission's dying.

I really can't afford to fix him, and my options for a new car are kind of on the low end. I do have options, but right now I'm just kinda depressed that he's dying. He was my way around town, and I just wanted him to last until the fall.

At least I'll save money on gas, even though I just renewed his registration like last week. >:(
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I do! My car's name is J'onn, named for the Martian Manhunter. He's mainly blue but with a green front.
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Today so wasn't my day in the maintenance dept. First thing in the morning, my toilet overflows. I managed to get it up and running, but I had to leave a giant puddle behind. I just finished mopping up and wow, it was stinky. Now it smells cleeeaaannn!

J'onn is up and running (YAY!) As it turns out, the busted alternator belt was just the beginning. His water line is about to die, and the transmission leak is his pan and filter. Luckily, I have people who are willing to take care of it. Little by little, J'onn may actually be even more awesome than he is now.

That said, back to some SaGa Frontier!
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J'onn's safely in his parking spot at home again. George and I brought him home last night, and thankfully nothing was stolen from him. Not like thieves would want him or Depeche Mode CDs and road maps. :|

So far, the damage is moderate, but not serious. Basically, his alternator belt snapped and got caught in numerous things. It's completely shredded. Because of that, his coolant is leaking and the steering is borked. Good news is that the repairs won't cost me nearly as much as I thought. And I have plenty of mechanic co-workers who are willing to help me with labor.

Total cost: the price of parts and pizza and/or alcohol.

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I just got home from the mechanic's.

J'onn was in dire need of work, so I took him in. I went ahead and did a 150k mile service they offered with a coupon. $240 and 2 1/2 hours later, he's starting up a lot better and all his fluids are replaced. From here I'm gonna -try- to take better care of him. I dunno how long I'll have him, so he should get proper maintenance, right?

Next on the agenda is getting my work schedule. That way I can schedule Socks for his next vet appointment. He was the reason I had to get J'onn looked at. His vet is on the other side of town, and I wanted to make sure the car didn't break down on the way over. And there's no way I'm taking Socks on the bus again. -___-
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J'onn was covered in FROST this morning.


And I had to use my hoodie's sleeve to scrape it off the windshield. Why? Because his heating system's shot. I drove home with both windows open in icy, damp, weather.

It was kinda cold. Kinda.

lol work

Apr. 21st, 2007 12:27 am
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We're out two techs and a dispatcher as of today. That means more hours for me. My aim for a second job is temporarily shot, but more hours = overtime... which means more money for me. :D I can shop for that swimsuit this Monday.

As long as I have Monday off, that is. XD

Also on the shopping list: 2 quarts of motor oil and more screws. And go to the car wash.
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I'm due for an update, aren't I?

I took my new scooter for a test drive Tuesday. The thing's very much like a horse, as in it's a bit stubborn and I'm overcompensating for the turns. Overall it was a lot of fun. The drawback is that I need to take some driving courses in order to get my motorcycle license. It wouldn't be so bad if the classes weren't so inconvenient. I work 12am-8am, and the classes start at 7am. Looks like I may have to pull some time off, again... -__-

My bro loved the birthday card I got for him. Gotta love a guy who is obsessed with toilet paper. I was going for the pirate theme since the 19th was Talk like a Pirate Day, but the toilet paper card called out to me.

Today is officially KoF day, as my copy of KoF: 2006 has finally arrived at my local Lamestop. I'll be picking that up after work. Billy Kane for the first time in 3D since Wild Ambition. Awww yeah.

I posted some more fic at [ profile] goenitzstardust, so go read and review please. :D

And congraturation to Socks, who is still in awesome health. And brush your teeth you damn cat!
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My cashier and I got to talking and we found this:

a 1997 Chevy Cavalier just under $3k.

The mileage is a bit high, but not outrageously so. The dealership is in Henderson (of course), so I'll see about conning my dad into going down there to take a gander at it.

Nanaki, are you still up for that field trip? :3

EDIT: I got my insurance quote down to $81/mo. WOOOOOO!!!!1
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This is how I spend my night off: I'm nose deep in the virtual Nevada Driving Handbook. I can only get so far before I start getting sleepy. And it makes me remember how fucking boring driving school was, but the actual driving isn't that bad.

The thing is I retain a lot of the information from when I drove in Texas, but I won't remember it until the situation comes up. Fun. I don't want to end up like, "hey, do I get the right of way? ::CRASH!:: I didn't think so...". Okay I'm not that bad, but I just want to make sure I retain enough info for when I actually do go in for my driving test.

In happier news Taiki came by and fixed my stick for good. And I got a working copy of Final Fantasy IX. So now I can actually put in some overtime for GGXX/ practice. When we were testing everything out he said, "Against everyone else I feel confident, but against you I feel like a n00b". That must mean I'm good, or that Venom intimidates people. XD

Once I finish this damn handbook I'll indulge in some Secret of Mana... and then I'll be off bright and early to the DMV. It opens at 8am, I'll be there around 7-7:30am.

Serge is coming with me.
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Ah, who cares if I spelled that wrong. XD

So my dad gives me a buzz... at a quarter 'til six. I should enforce my "Do not call Anna at these hours" policy because I do get sick of bring woken up during the daylight hours. He did apologize and wanted to call back, but I was already up. What makes it worse is that someone always calls like five minutes after that, and it's an unknown number. I have a total of four unknown numbers stored in my cell. I'm planning to call them tomorrow (including the mystery 561 Boynton Beach number) to see why the fuck they called me.

Anyway, he's confirmed to come in the night of the 6th and gonna take me shopping on the 7th. All I need is time behind the wheel so I can get my license, but no one's offered to take me. ;__; All I need is a car and a parking lot. Pleeeaaassseeee?

Now for a slew of memes I gathered from the internets today. It includes [ profile] thefridayfive's set of questions as well.

Woooooo Long Stuff! Yeah... )
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In tragic news today, the Cavalier I wanted has been sold.

However, another one popped up at Carmax. It's $11k, but it's in excellent condition. Here's to me trying again.
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Is wanting a Chevy Cavalier too much to ask??

I've been on all sorts of websites for local car dealerships and the only place that has Cavaliers in abundance is... Ebay.


It's like they're a vanishing animal, and they were only discontinued last year!
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So I went to SNK's website and found Lilly Kane's profile for the upcoming KoF 2006 game.

Her interests are similar to her brother's (right down to the most important: Her elder brother. AWWWWW), but what I really noticed is the birthdate they gave her.

October 16th, meaning she's 3 days ahead of me! Awesome!!!

Yeah, I'm a nerd, what can I say? XD

I dunno why, but there aren't many video game characters with October birthdates. Most of them are in the summer or winter. Ones I can name off the top of my head, aside from Lilly, are:

Potemkin (10-18)
Slayer (10-31)
Dee Jay (10-31)
Zantetsu (10-19, makes him all the more kickass)
Vincent Valentine (10-13)

And that's it. We need more October birthdays!

personal junk. If you want to read about finances and such, feel free to click! )
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Now that loc. 29 isn't exploding, the surveillance cameras are up, and there's not 5 open calls, I can sit down and do some updating.

So we're losing two long-time people and gained one. One of the techs got canned for chewing out a dispatcher (not me. It happened while I was away) and the swing dispatcher handed in her two weeks today. So I may be covering swing until they find someone, though I will be asking to retain my grave shifts. Granted, it would be cool to go back to 4pm-12am shifts, but my days off would change, and I want to be able to hang out with the gang on Sunday nights.

In car news, I managed to find some local dealerships that have 2002-2003 Chevy Cavaliers in stock. Most of them are under $10k and have decent gas mileage. My bro used to have one of these growing up, and they seem like cool cars. I used to drive my ma's Corsica (the Seabiscuit!), but I can't find Corsicas for some reason. Anyways, the Japan trip might be put off for another year so I can finance a car instead. Time for my dad to return to Vegas once more...

I still need to practice driving. Taiki, Nanaki, would one of you guys be willing to help me out? :3
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So KoF: MI2 has been released in Japan. I really hope there's a US relase, but for now, el Dash no Chris BETTER have gotten his copy. Or he'll face my wrath for keeping me from my Billy fix.

In the past, I've really disliked driving. I get distracted easily, and while I had a clean driving record, the incident where I ended up in an empty house's lawn still haunts me. Stupid DP threatening to spill. However, reading and playing Initial D is rekindling my desire to drive again, though not like they do. If I get some practice in, I should be all right to take the driving exam. It still puzzles me that you have to have a license to get a car here, but you have to have a car to get the license. Meaning I get to borrow someone else's car! -_-;;

The car situation's gonna be fun. If it's not Dash no Chris harping me to buy American, it's Taiki pushing me to go import. So basically no matter what I buy, I'm gonna be fucked either way.

Right, I'm going straight to Consumer Reports. I'm gonna get a car I like, that won't put a dent in my wallet for gas and/or repairs, and will look awesome. If it's gonna be American, so be it. If it's import, so be it.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it! :D
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My techs have been driving me nuts with the time changes tonight, so I haven't been all that productive outside of taking calls and logging them.

I have however made my choice on which manga series I'll be continuing for the time being. Not even the hotness that is Yami no Matsuei's shounen-ai can compare to Initial D. The slash in Initial D is there, but I'm really liking the suspense of the series. And Tak's an idiot.

Tak: What's an Eight-Six?

Iggy (his best friend): It's the car sitting in your driveway!!

Even I know more about cars. XD
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After a few races and a faulty steering wheel, I'm officially a member of the Initial D racing circuit.

Meaning I'm turning into a huge car geek/rookie. My car of choice is a white Mazda RX-7, or as Taki likes to call the "Takehito-mobile". Now I'm not usually one for driving games unless they involve weapons, but this one's fun as hell.

I give it two thumbs up.


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