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While I wait for my friends to pick me up, I decided to check out ZUN's latest Touhou installment. It was the demo, so I got a glimpse of the first 3 stages and two new characters.

You get your choice of the usual protagonists Reimu and Marisa along with Sanae (the wind priestess who was also playable in UFO) and Youmu (a half-ghost guardian). Each girl has her own attack that gains power in a similar way to UFO, but there are new additions to the gameplay. You can collect these little spirit orbs that can add points, pieces that can lead to extra lives or Trance/Bombs.

When you're hit, the trance meter kicks in and you can keep fighting for a short period of time, although you can activate it without being hit by pressing C. It's kind of confusing and I'm still getting used to it.

Also, focusing with Youmu is a bit different as she can charge and release a slash attack as opposed to focusing her shot.

I'm still a bit sketchy on the story, but I'll still put a cut here for spoilers since I'll talk about the cast. )

Final thoughts? I like the mood so far and the music is decent. Methinks I will check it out again when it's fully developed and ready to go.
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Are there any Touhou remixes that have a Spanish influence? I know they're mixable into just about anything, so I'm curious if anyone has taken them in this direction.

Here's an example (It's a Mega Man remix, but still!):

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In honor of the MvC3 drink menu that's been floating around, I give you a special recipe:

The Fatbert Wesburger

Based on a series of drawings by the talented [ profile] enerjak, Fatbert is a fat version of Albert Wesker. He was inspired by the movieverse Wesker in all his bigness.

1 1/2 oz Vanilla Vodka
1 1/2 oz Cherry Schnapps
Coca Cola

Pour both vodka and schnapps into a glass filled with ice. Top with coke and garnish with your choice of a slice of pizza or a slider burger.
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Have some shameless plugging instead. :3


Oct. 13th, 2010 08:29 am
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Apparently [ profile] girl_gamers is kaput. And just so you know, this pretty much made my morning.

Despite meeting some awesome people there who are on my f-list to this day, that place was a serious lol fest. It's probably a little cliche, but I have to say it:

And nothing of value was lost.
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May I humbly request some more BLU Sniper please? I have six at the moment.


Love, the Nana
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I haven't played many of the Touhou games. Okay, I've played three of them, and I just downloaded Immaterial and Missing Power. These games usually aren't my cup of tea, but I do enjoy playing them.

That is until I started Imperishable Night.

Holy crap, I am in love with this game. It has just the right amount of challenge, a cool storyline, and an amazing atmosphere. And I know the Touhou series is known for the music, but something about Imperishable Night's soundtrack makes it all the sweeter. The characters... ahhh the characters...

If you haven't played it (and at least 40% of my f-list has), check it out. If you don't like it, at least you get cool music out of the deal. :3
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While at the Todd house, I managed to spend more time with TF2. I got a better understanding of the controls since the last time I played an FPS was back in... 2000. DOOM was on the PC, so I played it. XD Once I completed the tutorial, I decided to take the offline practice for a spin.

That's when I found my class calling: SNIPER. I giggle like an idiot when I pick people off with headshots. So I think I'll stick with this class for a while before learning Spy. Oh, and...

...Thanks, Dad. It's your fault I aim so well. :x
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I've managed to make it to Final Fantasy IV Advance's final dungeon in 14 hours and 24 minutes. That has to be a new record for me. Though the GBA version is easier than any version I've played, including the SNES version. The PS1 release was a bit tougher, and the DS version is hard as fuck. Seriously, none of my old strategies worked outside of casting Reflect on Ashura.

And yes, Bahamut's human form in the DS version looks like Zato.

I dunno what it is about this series, but I'll keep replaying it until the end of time. Between this and VI.

Also, this never fails to amuse me:
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Now to FINALLY cover everything for EVO 2010. This year was held at Caesar's Palace. The convention space was excellent because of the increased interest, but it was a pain in the ass to access. The 100+ degree temps and humidity didn't help, either. All in all, a fun time was had.

As usual, pics and vids of ze con! )

I missed out on most of the qualifying rounds and finals because I seriously didn't want to deal with Strip traffic and the severe heat. So we just stayed at home and watched the stream. Needless to say, they were AMAZING. I know the women's invitational got a lot of flack, but I thought the players did a great job. French player AAA Kayane played a mean Chun Li, but Texan Burnyourbra was awesome. Major props from a fellow female fighter.

The HD Remix finals went to Snake Eyes and his Zangief, making him the first Zangief to ever win the tournament. And the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom finals were won by EG Marn and an unusual team of Zero/Alex. They beat out a badass Yatterman No. 1/Batsu/Yatterman No. 2 team played by Kbeast.

The real talk was about Justin Wong losing to the Taiwanese newcomer Gamerbee. I won't get into it since it's been driven into the ground at this point, but wow. I was so happy that an Adon player took him out, because Adon seriously gets no recognition. Gamerbee eventually took 5th place in the tournament, leaving Daigo and his legendary Ryu to battle it out with Ricky Ortiz and his Rufus. Ortiz put up a great fight, but Daigo won it again.

And with that, another EVO has come and gone. Now to wait around for next year, though I do need to contact them about a few things.

Until next year, people...
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So I went ahead and left [ profile] girl_gamers. Took me long enough, since I haven't been watching the comm for months. But before I left, I found this little gem.

Anything can and will induce wank.

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Thanks to [ profile] abunaikitsune, I managed to play some SSFIV yesterday. I'm VERY happy to see most of the cast getting used. It feels more balanced and I look forward to playing more.

But Vega...

He's STILL too damn slow. Yeah, it seems they did tweak him from last time around. He's stronger than before and has the potential to be lethal. But his claw roll still starts out slow and builds speed (wat). My issue is that in order to utilize him properly, I have to undo a good 17 years of strategy and rebuild him from the ground up. It's extreme, but that's how it feels. I'll have to tinker with him more. Maybe I can blend what I've learned with how he's changed. It'll be tough, but we'll see.

Adon however, is awesome. He plays very much like his Alpha form, only on crack. His range is kind of limited, but he makes up for it with quick hits and some decent combo potential. He might end up becoming my main fighter. I'm definitely spending more time with him.

Like a dork, those are the only two I tried. Next time, I'll have to flesh out more, including Rose and Honda.
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I forgot to mention, I am also getting an impressive chunk of change back from the gubment. Not only can I afford to visit Houston/Austin, I can actually either invest in a new computer OR a laptop/netbook. AND I have money left over for savings. :O That's impressive. Todd, I'm still considering the Wii, so don't rule that out either. I just don't want to squander everything. XD

EVO's announced their lineup:

SF II HD Remix
Player's Choice (Voting's going on at SRK right now, but no Guilty Gear = no vote)
Super SF IV
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
Tekken 6

It's being held at Caesar's Palace July 9th-11th. You better believe the Vegas crew will be there as usual. Still, why Caesar's Palace? They need to quit migrating, I swear...
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You can now find me under "Dominochan" on TF2. :D

Ninja Edit: Apparently my graphics card is being a dick, so it may take a bit longer than expected to get up and running. TO FRY'S!
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I'm going shopping after work for mah headset. And thanks to [ profile] evil_kimba, I'll also be investing in a Spah t-shirt. XD
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Today so wasn't my day in the maintenance dept. First thing in the morning, my toilet overflows. I managed to get it up and running, but I had to leave a giant puddle behind. I just finished mopping up and wow, it was stinky. Now it smells cleeeaaannn!

J'onn is up and running (YAY!) As it turns out, the busted alternator belt was just the beginning. His water line is about to die, and the transmission leak is his pan and filter. Luckily, I have people who are willing to take care of it. Little by little, J'onn may actually be even more awesome than he is now.

That said, back to some SaGa Frontier!
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Pinecone Attack's Capcom Fighters discussion!

I make a special guest appearance in this one. My only warning is that it goes on for a while. If you'd like to listen to the podcast without downloading:

Here's the link to just press and play.
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Ruby Weapon has been DESTROYED! It wasn't as difficult as I thought, but oh GOD was it tedious. I only used Cid, so he got all the credit for the battle. Next up, I'll be timing just how long Safer Sephiroth's Supernova really is. I know I can squeeze in at least a bathroom break as he casts it.
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Just a few things to update on:

First off, I want to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday. *gives all of you a big Banana hug!* And here's what we had for dinner! )

Art class is going great. My class went to the Bellagio for the Modernist exhibit. Not bad, but most were too funky for my tastes. Afterward, I joined a classmate and her mom for lunch. Drawing-wise, I tackled some GG and Jojo's art using ink and pencils. I'll be posting more artses soon, including a planned one of Anasui.

Then there's some awesome news from Tatsunoko vs. Capcom:

Jun the Swan is a confirmed character! )
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I don't know why, but I've been totally going nuts over Matrimelee's soundtrack. So here's some to share:

Always beware of adorable aliens and their anal probes.

Okay, back to focusing on Giorno's sleeve for detailing purposes.


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