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Galaxy Express 999 AND Adieu Galaxy Express 999 are coming out on DVD June 28th, 2011.

YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW LONG I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS TO HAPPEN. I'm slapping on a pre-order once I get home.
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I think about them time to time.

Recently, I decided to google one of my closest friends from grade school. She was a 2nd year law student in GA back in 2005, but I haven't seen/heard anything since. I haven't heard anything from my best neighborhood friend since high school. I just wish them the best and if we cross paths, I have a LOT to tell them. :3
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Well, at least in the writing department. I'm re-working a [ profile] xdevilskissx prologue right now and having a nice nostalgia trip with James Bond Themes. Hopefully I can get a good chunk written before my vacation.

Yeah, it's been kind of slow around here. XD
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Recently, I've been looking up semi-obscure flicks from my childhood. As it turns out, a good portion of these have yet to be released on DVD in the US. Animalympics being one of them.

It's a 1980s animated flick featuring the first ever animal-based Olympic games. The story centers mainly around the 14 day marathon and a tie between Europe's runner René Fromage and Africa's Kit Mambo. Other summer (and even winter) sports are featured, such as gymnastics, fencing, track and field, and weightlifting.

The animation is amazing as most of the main staff went on to do big name cartoons, and the voices are pretty varied considering there are only four names credited in the cast. I highly recommend it.

Edit: it seems it got taken down from YouTube for ToS. Yay. But yes, go look for it on YouTube since I dun want to risk it getting taken down again.
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I rarely cry period, so it's hard for me to cry over a song. The one that came closest to making me misty-eyed is the Killers' "Sam's Town". It was on the brink of a severe meltdown when that whole album was released. So listening to the song now brings back some bittersweet memories.

Over the hump! 14 Days )
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I just finished watching the first two of the series. It's amazing how badly both films have aged over the past 22-25 years. But, their message remains the same. Be proud of being a total nerd. :D

Probably one of my first exposures to Queen.

The sequel is entertaining, but pretty damn awful when I re-watched it. I managed to catch some jokes I didn't when I was younger. Ft. Lauderdale looks a helluva lot different than it did in the movie, too.

Annnd I wanted to share the main theme, but I can't seem to find it.

Next time, I'm gonna subject myself to Revenge of the Nerds III: The Next Generation, and IV: Nerds in Love tomorrow.
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What kind of person am I? Stealing memes from other people! )

While I was doing my paperwork today I tuned the radio to my fave station 96.3 KKLZ. It's a classic rock station... rather it WAS. It changed formats during the day, so I was stuck with an oldies station without explanation. It was an awesome station. Why would they change it? They played songs that weren't usually heard on the radio, and for me that made them all the more awesome. Now they're gone.

RIP, awesome classic rock station.
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This skit never ceases to entertain me. XD
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The most awesome governor in the history of the Republic has passed away.

Rest in Peace, Ms. Richards. You certainly showed the nation what Texas was really all about.


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