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I know a couple of you folks have published comics, so I ask:

Do you use manga/comic software at all? I'm curious since I saw a few software titles at the local Fry's and I wanted to get some feedback before I made any kind of commitment. If not, what do you recommend?

Also, what do you use when it comes to printing them?
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Plus $30 in other stuffs.

The selection was kind of meh this year. I picked up a couple of promising pieces, but half of Marvel's selection was Iron Man-related and DC had NOTHING to offer. Got a couple of books from independent companies as well, and those look pretty cool.

I did managed to grab the first 2 volumes of Eagle, a manga I've been meaning to read since I was a teenager. They were $4 a pop and about twice the size of normal manga. And I got the X-Files graphic novel. Hey, it's a nostalgia thing.

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Mar. 22nd, 2009 05:42 pm
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I finished Golden Wind in six days.

Six days.

What the hell is wrong with me?! XD

I'll be taking a break from Jojo's as I've been drawing everything in "Jojo-vision", meaning my assignments have taken on Araki's style. Not a bad thing, mind you, but still. At least I got a pretty kickass sketch of Kira out of it. When I get back from my va-ca, I'll start on Stone Ocean. Man, this little jump drive is a LIFESAVER. *cuddles it*
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I now return you to your regularly scheduled journal.
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So I've been roped into watching Bleach and reading Jojo's Bizarre Adventures. I decided to give both a shot after certain influences. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. <33

Bleach is far more enjoyable than I expected. The plot is fun, I love the characters (Urahara for life, yo), it has funny and dramatic parts, and it's just plain fun. I'm only on the 30-something-ish episode, so I know I'm in for a long haul.

Jojo's is VIOLENT. The story is crack. The characters are mostly classic rock and rock references. I give it two thumbs up. And I'm only on the second arc! If the whole thing is like this... >:D

Now time for me to sign off this tiny post. Wheeee!
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One of the guys on has published a manga, and it has to be one of the funniest mangas I've read in a while.

Title: Dogby Walks Alone
Creator: Wes Abbot

It's available through Barnes & Noble or your local comic shop.

Anyone who is a fighting game or SNK geek will appreciate the hidden humor, but manga fans will love the awesome plot, the characters, and the overall zaniness.

I highly recommend it, so go buy it.

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Tonight was thankfully slow. Just the occasional jackpot and the usual one-place-that-calls-us-all-night bit. Oh, and the spider that decided to pay the arachnophobic cashier a visit.

Finished vol. 3 of Initial D. Wow, Shingo's a prick in this. But it makes me wanna drive so much again!! Who's willing to let me practice on their car? :3

Anyhoo, I should wrap things up here. I'm going to Nanaki Chris's today to spend some Easterness in the NEW HOUSE.

But to comemorate today, I made a little picture... I hope it turned out all right.

oh well. Happy Easter, everyone! )
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My techs have been driving me nuts with the time changes tonight, so I haven't been all that productive outside of taking calls and logging them.

I have however made my choice on which manga series I'll be continuing for the time being. Not even the hotness that is Yami no Matsuei's shounen-ai can compare to Initial D. The slash in Initial D is there, but I'm really liking the suspense of the series. And Tak's an idiot.

Tak: What's an Eight-Six?

Iggy (his best friend): It's the car sitting in your driveway!!

Even I know more about cars. XD
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So I've been engrossed in even more manga. So far this is what I have to say:

Flame of Recca - Full of action and kept my attention. That old lady creeps me out.

Initial D - I'm enjoying it, meaning I'm fucked. The series is over 20 volumes long and is STILL going in Japan.

I picked up Yami no Matsuei yesterday, and I hope it's as good as my yaoi buddies say it is.

Still, I dunno why I've been feeling strange lately. It's like I feel helpless and pissed off. And since I tend to not use drawing and writing as outlets for my anger, Taiki and/or Nanaki Muyo: would one of you be willing to take me to a paintball range in the next couple of weeks? I think I need to shoot at stuff to get my mind off of things.


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