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Before I went to work today, I took out the trash. As I tossed the trash bag over the side of the dumpster, I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. I turned to look to my left, and on the ground, there was a small aquarium with some water in it.

There were also 3 live fish and two red ear slider turtles swimming around inside.

Shocked, I went back into my apartment and called Animal Control. Seriously, who leaves live animals like that next to the dumpster? Did they hope someone would take them in? What about driving them down to an animal shelter?

Just thinking about it pisses me off. No animal should be subjected to that.
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I just got off the phone with [ profile] abunaikitsune, and apparently the coordinators JUST got back to my friends regarding the BYOC area. They're putting a limit on what we can bring. The fact that they got back to us TODAY (the first day of the event) pisses me off to no end. This is not off to a good start.

So I'll be missing the first day. Eh, at least I have all day tomorrow. I can take photos and tour the place.

But they will be hearing about this bullshit.
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My main nitpick about this is traffic. Seriously, not many people know that traffic on Las Vegas Blvd. (AKA, the Strip) is a nightmare to drive down. It's stop-and-go past Spring Mountain and Tropicana. One fender bender could send the poor stripper flying through the windows. The dancers only have the pole to grab onto, not chairs or other people like on a city bus.

The tourist at the end knows where it's at, too.

It sucks that we got mobile billboards leaking into the non-tourist areas, and now we got this.

Good job, guys.
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Allow me to set up a little scenario for you.

Let's say a celebrity comes to your city and, instead of going to a trendy, touristy area, they go to a local establishment. Now, the establishment isn't in the greatest neighborhood in the city, but you could easily name at least 4 areas that are far worse. Then the celeb says the area is the most dangerous place she has ever been in.

That's what happened to Las Vegas.

Y'see, there's a little frozen custard place called Luv It off of Las Vegas Blvd. @ Oakey. Actor Mindy Kaling (best known for her work on "The Office"), said the area surrounding the custard stand was "the most dangerous and sketchy neighborhood I’ve ever been to in my entire life". Really? The worst? She's lucky she didn't go near the Charleston/Fremont/Eastern intersection. Or the Commercial Center. Or Decatur @ Twain.

She pissed off a lot of locals despite her positive reviews of the custard. The area around Luv It is actually one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, and that says a lot for a place like Vegas. So yeah, I can see why they're angry.

What's my take on all this? Well, I have no plans of boycotting Kaling, as I never liked "The Office" to begin with. I just think that she needs to get out more, even if she meant it as a joke. In the end, Luv It gets national attention, and it deserves recognition, because their custard is AWESOME.

To finish this entry, here's the clip from the Late Late Show w/ Craig Ferguson, where she talks about her "experience":

Riiiiiight. Now I feel like grabbing some custard.
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I just walked in the door from seeing Transformers.

the following contains explicit content and major spoilers. Viewer discretion is advised. No seriously, this is gonna be ugly )
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With all the hard luck and negativity in my co-workers' lives, I'm surprised I haven't developed diamond-hard skin and razor sharp claws like Penance.
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With the Oscars just around the corner, I have to ask:

Who the fuck cares what the celebrities are wearing?!

I noticed all these "fashion experts" bashing anyone who decides to think outside the box and wear something different. Why? Who are they to judge fashion? Then everyday folk are like, "wow, they have no taste. They should wear something else." Why do you even care what they're wearing??

Maybe it's just me and my liking for the Bjork swan dress, but come on. This whole, "let's ridicule and bash people who dress different" has got to stop, especially on the celebrity level. I'm not big on celebrities, but I know they're people too. Treat them as such and leave their choice of outfits alone. Like everyone else, sometimes they don't make the best choices, but it's what they want to wear. And I respect that.

Peace and Michael Madsen,

The Banana
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Warning: the following is a rant based on the recent passing of Question 5. Viewer discretion is advised.

What was Question 5? It was a piece of legislature that would ban smoking in establishments that served food. Meaning, if you had a food license, you either had to do away with your kitchen, or the smokers. Supporters said it wouldn't affect our economy.

The question passed with 54% of the vote.

What the FUCK.

The reason why I'm ranting now is because it went into effect December 8th. Several cooks were put out of the job mere weeks before Christmas and why? Because most bar owners decided to do away with their kitchens. My work is no exception. Two of our locations will be allowed to keep their restaurants, while the rest shut down the kitchen side. Two out of six. Some places are investing in glass to separate the restaurant from the bar area. Others are giving Question 5 the finger and keeping both their smokers and their kitchen. Those places will pay a fine for violating the law, but they don't care.

The bottom line is this: Question 5 fucked up Las Vegas. Cooks lost their jobs because the voters "want to protect our kids from second hand smoke". Fuck you. The places Question 5 will affect the most don't even allow children into their establishments. No, this law is just a way to appease the stupid, candyass Californians who come here and want to change Vegas into a smaller version of their state.

Las Vegas isn't California. We're a city that embraces debauchery. We're the city people go to in order to get away from the restrictions of their states. If you can't handle that, then stay the hell away from us.

As I wrote this my co-worker said the city's been having talks with some of the local bar owners and businesses. I just hope we can repeal this POS law before it does any real damage.
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I'm cleaning out my stuff to sell, and I managed to find the instruction booklet to Guilty Gear X2. I went to make sure it was in okay condition for selling, and IT WAS STUCK, LITERALLY STUCK, TO ONE OF MY NOTEBOOKS. I'm uber-anal about my games and paraphenalia, so I have no idea what the substance was or how it got stuck in the first place.

Nanaki, if you're still interested, I'll sell the game to you, but I'll knock it down a couple of bucks because of this.
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Now that loc. 29 isn't exploding, the surveillance cameras are up, and there's not 5 open calls, I can sit down and do some updating.

So we're losing two long-time people and gained one. One of the techs got canned for chewing out a dispatcher (not me. It happened while I was away) and the swing dispatcher handed in her two weeks today. So I may be covering swing until they find someone, though I will be asking to retain my grave shifts. Granted, it would be cool to go back to 4pm-12am shifts, but my days off would change, and I want to be able to hang out with the gang on Sunday nights.

In car news, I managed to find some local dealerships that have 2002-2003 Chevy Cavaliers in stock. Most of them are under $10k and have decent gas mileage. My bro used to have one of these growing up, and they seem like cool cars. I used to drive my ma's Corsica (the Seabiscuit!), but I can't find Corsicas for some reason. Anyways, the Japan trip might be put off for another year so I can finance a car instead. Time for my dad to return to Vegas once more...

I still need to practice driving. Taiki, Nanaki, would one of you guys be willing to help me out? :3
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So before I leave today I found this notice on my door. It's from the new management of my apartment complex.

Basically it states that they're jacking up my rent to $770.00/mo along with a $22 charge for water/sewage/etc. It also states that if I don't sign another lease that they'll charge me on a month-to-month basis, which is $850/mo. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that sounds like a threat.

Now! Heather and I just signed our lease for another year at $720.00/mo. I made sure to do it ASAP so I wouldn't forget. Now I get this notice, barely 5 days after I signed my lease. Coincidence? I think not.

Tomorrow I shall be contesting this to the fullest, as it's illegal for them to do this after I've already signed my lease at the previous price. And according to my co-workers, they have to abide by the contract, or I have the right to report them to housing. Yes, don't make the Banana angry. :)

@Tempest - I'll go ahead and join the [ profile] xdevilskissx group, but email me if you want me to aid in co-moddage. I'd be more than happy to help!
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Family junk. Click at your own risk. :p )

Today I put up a sign on my fridge stating the house rules. I decided to create one in order to get the house back into shape, and to keep a certain someone from trying to pass his farts onto other people. You know who you are.

I think they're pretty simple, cut 'n dry rules.

With that being said, I will get my house back in order, and this night will not get the best of me. Damn you CVT safes! I shake my fist at thee!!
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A lot has happened over the past... ::checks last update:: 10 or so days, so here's a lowdown )
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Fun with Yaoicon and Being Profiled )
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Recently, I've been given 9-10 hour shifts in order to cover the store (as there's not many of us at the moment). The results are 4 day weeks and 3 days off. This week I have 5 days, since one day I'm scheduled in inventory.

This usually takes anywhere between 2-4 hours, no more than that. The rest of the week I have my usual 8-10 hour days, totalling 40.

Now today I had planned out after inventory. I figured they couldn't keep me afterward since I'd go into overtime, so I go ahead and planned a trip to the bank and supermarket after work.

With this place, things rarely turn out as planned. >.>

I ended up staying 7 hours (7-2) because they figured I wouldn't have anything to do after work and kept me as their runner. It's the one major downfall of their management style. They think we have no lives. I just wish they'd stop treating me like my live revolves around the place.

And here I thought things were starting to improve... At least I'll get overtime since they can't cut me on Labor Day weekend and I shall get time and a half.
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So I get an email saying to call work.

When I do so I get assulted with a massive yellfest from one of my managers.

Why? Over a gesture I thought was harmless.

A guest who just checked out asked if we could hold his insulin for him. He had two hours left and wanted to hit the pool before he left the hotel. The insulin couldn't be taken outside for overheating purposes. Now I knew we couldn't keep it in the cooler, as that would be a serious health code violation. I decided as long as it's kept away from any of the food or drinks, that I could keep it for the guy. I place it in a cup with some ice and hold onto it for two hours.

I guess he came back for it and such, and I got the email.

They begin to yell at me, saying that they could've been shut down, and next time to say no, etc. I admit that I didn't know the full seriousness of keeping such medications in the store, but christ do they gotta scream at me about it?

I apologized for doing it (more than once, mind you), and then after about two minutes of yelling they hung up. Now I feel like a moron for doing such a thing, but I feel even more irritated that they yelled and screamed at me over handling it differently.

At least now I know what -not- to do in terms of keeping insulin. Geez...
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So I was at the grocery store today, and before checking out I saw the new issue of PSM on the stands. I pick it up to see that they have a mini-spread of video game girls in swimsuits.

I should've known better than to look at it.. since Chun-Li was on the cover (for those of you who aren't familiar with my fandoms... I can't stand Chun-Li ;D). But I decided to give it a chance...

and lo and behold.. NO SNK GIRLS.

I know there's SNK games on the PS platforms, and the chicks in SNK are way hotter then most other fandom's chicks. Blue Mary and Shermie are 3952875637056130193843740365193865 times hotter than Chun-Li, that's for sure.

Now I feel compelled to draw Vice and Mature in bikinis... with the rest of the SNK girlies to quell my miffed state.
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My 5 way system selector died in the move! I can't watch my new DVDs! And I just bought X-Men 2!!

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Today started out normally. I woke up, brushed my teeth, did the whole hygiene routine, caught the bus, and had breakfast. The moment I walked into the office to get my pre-shift meeting my manager (the one I've been having issues with recently) said there was alot of cash missing from my drawer from Saturday night. I was in the cigar shop that night and it was uber busy, so I knew I was prolly gonna be a little off, but not almost $500.

No hi, how are you?, nothing. He just asked about weird transactions, etc. to see if we can find it. I honestly didn't know, and one of my co-workers said to even check the cameras... just in case if they decided to accuse me of theft.

After about an hour or so, he came to me while I was breaking another co-worker for lunch and he said he found it, and that I had accidentally rang up the cigar girl's tally sheet items twice (which totaled out to about $470). Here's the kicker: he said it was bad cashiering on my part. Dude, it was a mistake, one that wasn't even my fault. The cigar girl was finishing up for the night and accidentally pressed the cash out key and forgot to void it out. It happens. You found the error, and we were able to correct it. Not the most tactful with words, are we?

I was happy they found the cause of the shortage, though. Takes a massive load off my chest. I have been drawing more, and one day I'll scan them in since I did a cute pic of Joe Higashi cuddling Lily Kane..... with a very angry Billy Kane in the background.
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Today was one fucked up day at work.

I come in and the person I'm sending home tells me management's been trying to get a hold of me. He said my friend/co-worker got suspended and I had to open cigar store, so they wanted me to go home and come back at 11:45am.

It's roughly 7:10am when I'm being told this. There's not much I can do since I wasn't informed properly, so I continue to work my shift and after lunch I get ready to finish up my shift with opening the cigar store.

Bad News. My friend who works in the cigar store on the weekends has shown up for work. Apparently they decided to tell her she's suspended in person. Now this is a woman who takes 3 buses to get to work. It takes her a long time to arrive and then they tell her, "Oh, you were short on your bank on Monday. You're suspended for two days." She got a ride home, but the whole situation left me furious.

Management could've saved alot of heartache by talking to her on Monday or even Tuesday or Wednesday.. Hell they coulda called her and informed her about the situation. Instead they had her come to work, and then tell her about the suspension.

Then they ask about my phone number and email to make sure it's correct. I didn't check my messages this morning as I got up a bit late, but I -always- leave on my phone at night for emergencies. When I got home there were no calls on my caller ID or messages on my machine. There was an email but it time sent was 1am.

I was offline at 11pm. Way to go, guys.

As an added kicker, my co-worker said they were considering contacting me earlier (like at 5pm) but they declined, saying it was "too early."

Uh, huh.. I was actually offline until 7pm that night due to packing duties. Calling me would've actually worked.

What I find funny is that I've been talked to about my communication to other employees. Then something like this happens. Good job, guys.


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