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First off, I get an email from Amazon. My Galaxy Express DVDs are in the mail.

Second, I bought a 17" laptop with a blu-ray player on for under $400.00. It got shipped out yesterday.

Finally, my pre-order for my Griffon Kanako figure was filled. I still have to pay for it, but it's been released!

WOO HOO, indeed! 8D
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Really, Griffon? I was only vaguely interested in Nue until I saw this. Just toss Byakuren in and I'm as good as broke. :(
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Galaxy Express 999 AND Adieu Galaxy Express 999 are coming out on DVD June 28th, 2011.

YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW LONG I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS TO HAPPEN. I'm slapping on a pre-order once I get home.
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In honor of the MvC3 drink menu that's been floating around, I give you a special recipe:

The Fatbert Wesburger

Based on a series of drawings by the talented [ profile] enerjak, Fatbert is a fat version of Albert Wesker. He was inspired by the movieverse Wesker in all his bigness.

1 1/2 oz Vanilla Vodka
1 1/2 oz Cherry Schnapps
Coca Cola

Pour both vodka and schnapps into a glass filled with ice. Top with coke and garnish with your choice of a slice of pizza or a slider burger.
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I haven't played many of the Touhou games. Okay, I've played three of them, and I just downloaded Immaterial and Missing Power. These games usually aren't my cup of tea, but I do enjoy playing them.

That is until I started Imperishable Night.

Holy crap, I am in love with this game. It has just the right amount of challenge, a cool storyline, and an amazing atmosphere. And I know the Touhou series is known for the music, but something about Imperishable Night's soundtrack makes it all the sweeter. The characters... ahhh the characters...

If you haven't played it (and at least 40% of my f-list has), check it out. If you don't like it, at least you get cool music out of the deal. :3
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While at the Todd house, I managed to spend more time with TF2. I got a better understanding of the controls since the last time I played an FPS was back in... 2000. DOOM was on the PC, so I played it. XD Once I completed the tutorial, I decided to take the offline practice for a spin.

That's when I found my class calling: SNIPER. I giggle like an idiot when I pick people off with headshots. So I think I'll stick with this class for a while before learning Spy. Oh, and...

...Thanks, Dad. It's your fault I aim so well. :x
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List 10 of your favorite characters from different fandoms, and ask people to spot patterns in your choices, and if they're so inclined, to draw conclusions about you based on the patterns they've spotted.

1. King of Fighters // Billy Kane
2. Guilty Gear // Venom
3. Samurai Shodown // Kazuki Kazama
4. Street Fighter // Vega
5. Final Fantasy VI // Edgar
6. Earthbound // Jeff
7. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure // Pet Shop
8. Psych // Gus
9. Exiles // Morph
10. Tales of Symphonia // Raine Sage

I do have a slight pattern in there, don't I?


Dec. 13th, 2008 08:30 am
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Thank you, Eve! *MASSIVE BANANA HUGS* These so perked up my day! :D Dammit, I need a road map... There are so many kinds!
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The writers for Heroes need to stop picking my brain. Because of them I was smiling like an idiot during last night's episode.

Though it is kind of creepy since Hiro thinks he's a 10-year-old.
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Taken at my local supermarket:

Image Hosted by
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Tizzagged by [ profile] evil_kimba:

List ten fictional characters you wouldn't kick out of bed (in no particular order) and tag five people to do the same.

Like you didn't see some of these coming. )

I tag... [ profile] nanaki_muyo, [ profile] enerjak, [ profile] cideon, [ profile] torterracafe, and [ profile] orochi_phoenix!
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I decided to make a new icon because Blink needs more love. That and she's a badass.

Anyways, did any of you ever have a co-worker whose very existence annoys the hell out of you? He/she can walk in the room and BOOM! Instant bad mood. I have a co-worker like that, and I hope by next month I'll be on a different shift so I won't have to deal with 'em anymore.
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KoF: Maximum Impact 2 Billy Kane is the sexiest set of pixels on this earth.
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So I went to SNK's website and found Lilly Kane's profile for the upcoming KoF 2006 game.

Her interests are similar to her brother's (right down to the most important: Her elder brother. AWWWWW), but what I really noticed is the birthdate they gave her.

October 16th, meaning she's 3 days ahead of me! Awesome!!!

Yeah, I'm a nerd, what can I say? XD

I dunno why, but there aren't many video game characters with October birthdates. Most of them are in the summer or winter. Ones I can name off the top of my head, aside from Lilly, are:

Potemkin (10-18)
Slayer (10-31)
Dee Jay (10-31)
Zantetsu (10-19, makes him all the more kickass)
Vincent Valentine (10-13)

And that's it. We need more October birthdays!

personal junk. If you want to read about finances and such, feel free to click! )
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When you read this, go to ebay and check out the final fantasy yaoi doujin. I saw two titles that were CidxVincent... with HOJO involved!

...that is if you don't have them already. XD But I try!
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For a while I've been wondering where people get the slash between Batman/Superman and Green Arrow/Green Lantern.

After reading Green Arrow: Quiver, I can now see where it comes from. Holy fuck Ollie and Hal are screwing.

I've seen the Bat/Supes light, [ profile] cideon!!
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U2's "Elevation" + Final Fantasy IX FMVs = AWESOME MUSIC VIDEO.

Just thought I'd say that. :D
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This post is mainly aimed for LN Tora, as I thought of her for some reason when I saw this character:

This is Andrew, the new fighter from the latest Samurai Spirits (Samurai Showdown in the US) installment.

He's American.
He wears red thigh boots.
He has glasses.
He uses a bayonet as his weapon.
He has white hair.

DUDE. As you can see this installment rekindled my love for the series, though my beloved Kazuki got neutered. Must hunt down more SS stuffs...
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You know it's a slow night at work when your last actual tech call was at 2:45am and you're seriously thinking about sinking $200 into your own pool cue.

I tell you, those pool tables at the Charlie bars are mocking me!

::goes back to cue shopping::

And you know it's slow when I'm actually posting from work.

Fun with the internet. :D

edit: Of course after I post this I get a tech call. And it gets cleared ten minutes later. Hooray efficiency, and who cares if I misspelled that.


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