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Where do I begin?

Comics - I was practically born into it. We've always collected/bought/sold comics, so I just continue it here and there.

Action Figures - I dunno what prompted this, but I guess I never grew out of loving toys. And these days it's kicked into overdrive because companies are making characters I actually want. It goes double for PVC figures and statues since they're great quality and awesome designs.

Artbooks - This one's no secret. I love art in general, so I pick up artbooks here and there. It's a minor collection since they tend to be expensive.

LPs - This is a more recent collecting bug. I doubt I'll really get into it, but I have a pretty small and cool collection going at the moment.

Gashapon - A spinoff of my action figures. I get a better selection of characters at a slightly cheaper price. This one's died down a little since there haven't been any sets I've really wanted lately.

Hard Rock Pins - I've retired from it. I used to collect guitars from all the different Cafes I used to visit, but after working for them, the Pin culture started to scare me. So I sold off most of my collection and kept the guitars.
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Plus $30 in other stuffs.

The selection was kind of meh this year. I picked up a couple of promising pieces, but half of Marvel's selection was Iron Man-related and DC had NOTHING to offer. Got a couple of books from independent companies as well, and those look pretty cool.

I did managed to grab the first 2 volumes of Eagle, a manga I've been meaning to read since I was a teenager. They were $4 a pop and about twice the size of normal manga. And I got the X-Files graphic novel. Hey, it's a nostalgia thing.
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I collect quite a few things:

Hard Rock Pins: This sort of died after I worked at the Hard Rock Hotel. I met other pin fanatics and they're frightening, so I didn't want to go down that path and sold most of my collection. I do keep a select few for nostalgia's sake and I still have my guitar collection. The jewels of my current collection are a Libra constellation piece and a 5 year sterling silver staff pin.

Comic books: THANKS, DAD. I don't have many at my apartment, but I have a sizable collection back in Texas. My dad continues to add to it with signed pieces and is looking into insuring it. As much as I enjoy reading the actual comics, I go with TPBs because I don't feel as bad damaging those. I don't know the current status of my collection, but I do know I have several autographed comics, the original 4-issue run of Frank Miller's Dark Knight, and Wolverine #1 (1982).

Action Figures and Gashapon: A symptom of the comic collection. I have a fascination with toys and figures, so I'm gaining quite a collection of those. Depending on the figure, they may or may not stay in the original packaging. I still need a place to display the boxed ones too...


Mar. 9th, 2010 03:19 pm
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THANK YOU!!!!! ♥
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I'll be honest, here. I am not a huge fan of most fiction at all. Granted, there are some titles such as Tim Dorsey's series or Hitchhiker's Guide that break the mold, but even then I'm not calling them my absolute favorite.

But when it comes to comic books, I'm fully ready to toss out my favorites. This time, I'm going with...

This title is amazing. I'm a little behind since we only grab the TPBs, but DAMN. If you're a fan of fairy tales, fables, and the like, you'll enjoy this series. Nothing tops a ball-busting Snow White or Cinderella Undercover (wait...).

26 More Days )
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I now return you to your regularly scheduled journal.
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I decided to make a new icon because Blink needs more love. That and she's a badass.

Anyways, did any of you ever have a co-worker whose very existence annoys the hell out of you? He/she can walk in the room and BOOM! Instant bad mood. I have a co-worker like that, and I hope by next month I'll be on a different shift so I won't have to deal with 'em anymore.
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My nerdiness didn't save me in time.

KOMP was giving away tickets to the new Fantastic Four movie, so I called in to answer the trivia questions.

What's the Surfer's real name? (Norrin Radd)

Who created the Silver Surfer? (Galactus, duh!)

I was too late by... 30 minutes.

At least the guy (currently known as The New Guy) told me to stay on the ball because I woulda gotten them right. Oh well.

Next time...
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Okay seriously...

Will someone please pry Ult!Scott off of Ult!Eddie? It's really irritating. They haven't been able to keep their hands off each other since I had a dream where they hooked up.

And by Scott I mean Cyclops.

And by Eddie I mean Zato.

... Yeah, you heard me.
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Man, the Green Arrow makes me remember how much I love superhero comics. Here's a guy from old money. He throws it all away to fight crime, dies, and is brought back to life by his lover, I mean best friend. He tries so hard to keep the inner city kids out of trouble, all while trying to establish a relationship with the son he never knew.

He doesn't have conventional powers, just a bow and arrow. And that's damn well enough for him. Yes, this means I'll be picking up vol. 3.

Tonight is the big Depeche Mode concert. Hooray for me blowing out my eardrums! Woooooo!!
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So [ profile] taiki and I went out and aboot this past Sunday so I could get stuff to mend my pants. As we finished I asked if we could go to Dark Tower so I could do some unnecessary spending. The trip soon became a discussion on competitive gaming in the Las Vegas area.

As I was finishing my purchase of Exiles Vol. 4 Taiki and I started talking about card games, as there was a bunch of guys looking at the Magic stuff. That's when the guy behind the counter added in his two cents since we were chatting about SvC: Card Fighters on the DS.

Then we discover he's into fighting games. Now granted, it was SF III and he was a Chun-Li/Yun user (the MOST ABUSED CHARACTERS IN THAT GAME), but I could forgive him since he was getting into Guilty Gear.

It was from this discussion that I realized just how deprived the gaming community is in this city. We have no arcade, so we result to fragmented mini-tourneys at home or other spots. Taiki then had a great idea: why not start holding tourneys at UNLV? They have the space and fandom, and it's for free!

The guy thought it was a great idea and got Taiki's number and our names (yes, he asked me mine too XD). So hopefully this will mean our little Vegas scene has some life left, and Vegas can actually make a name for itself as a hub for fighting gamers.

Maybe now I can get some competition aside from my current buddies. And I'm getting the idea of me being one of the first gaming girls to become an EVO staple. What a novel concept! XD

Now if only I could find a decent pool hall around here, then I'd be set.
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I picked up vols. 1-3 of the Exiles, and it gets my seal of approval.

Morph = coolest character EVAR.

Well, almost. XD But he's close.
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Today I found out Las Vegas has its own stereotypical comic book store. You know all cities have this kind of shop: the selection is good, several gems available, and the guy running it is a creepy old man who's grumpy and sits there all day.

Sadly, they didn't have Ultimate X-Men vol. 9, but! I did score two posters (a Batman and Superman), both done by Yoshitaka Amano. Needless to say I squealed like a fangirl and purchased both.

So the trip to a new, unexplored comic store wasn't a total loss. But I still want my Ult!X-Men! ;____;
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Ladies and gentlemen, hell may have frozen over.

I actually talked to my GM about what happened over the phone yesterday. ::GASP::

And I feel much more at ease now.

Granted, he said next time to communicate such a thing, and I agreed, but I was happy that he was gonna at least talk to the one who yelled at me. Thus the drama continues.

In happier news I finished all 6 of my Ultimate X-Men trade paperbacks. Now I just need volume 7 and the rest of the loose issues and I'm set with tackling my Phoenix project. These are the things I've learned:

-Jean Grey is annoying, but at least she has a personality this time.
-As usual, Scott sucks.
-Wolverine is a dick, but that's normal.
-Colossus gets passionate when the one he loves is in danger. <3
-Damn, Iceman's a little prick, but he's too lovable!
-Hank needs to lay off the internet.
-Storm is now my second favorite character ever (next to Nightcrawler).
-Nightcrawler needs a significant other... bad.
-Their interpretation of the Phoenix Saga can kiss my stinky left toe.
-I actually like the Brotherhood (OMG it's WANDA!)
-I think Gambit is okay, but why does he get his own two issue special? And why does he look so damn creepy?
-I didn't know The Avengers/Ultimates Wasp was a mutant. O.o
-Kitty Pryde's whole episode with phasing through everything amused me.

And that is all. XD
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I picked up The Ultimate X-Men's Paperbacks #2-6. All I need is 7 and a subscription and I am fully caught up. Tempest was right.

Magneto surrounded by butterflies is damn funny.
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I'm still trying to figure out why my work tends to hire cute, nigh-underage, ditzy girls and guys to work at the pool.

I can kinda understand the attractiveness factor (Hey it's the Hard Rock. Duh. XD), but do they have to be morons too?

P.S. - I am officially hooked on the Ultimate X-Men. Worship the dork.
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Quick note here:

No bickering on my journalness. There's enough pepsi and juice to go around for everyone.

Now for our feature presentation:

I did have my mini-interview at the Venetian, and things are looking positive. I know I'll get this job. Just gotta wait for the call...

And thanks to Tempest, I am now hooked on making characters for the Ultimate!X-Men universe. Ahhhh.. another fandom to incorporate into my ficcage...
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An so Halloween has passed.

It was much quieter than my past Halloweens, but I don't mind. I went to the Las Vegas Comicon this year and I have to say that I was pretty disappointed in the lack of decent costumes going around. There was one chick dressed as Kill Bill's Gogo, and that was pretty cool. Others had more of a Star Wars/Star Trek thing going for them. Oh, and there were these two really cute black guys dressed as Batman and Superman. That made me happy. Of course I already knew I was gonna have a decent time because the moment I set foot into the Mandalay Bay casino Peter Gabriel's "Big Time" was on the house music. XD

I managed to score a decent amount of booty at this con: a Vampire Hunter D poster, some Weiss Kreuz pins for mah Stefi, A signed Ruth Thompson print for my Lauren, A superhero "successories" print for the dad, and a bargain $10 SNK artbook for... me.

All in all it was a good time. Wish I had more money for some of those spiffy video game t-shirts though....
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After a trip to the comic shop I returned with two volumes of Fables, the Dark Phoenix saga, and 4 (yes 4) King of Fighters keychains.

I must say that I scored. To top it all off, one of the keychains was none other than BILLY KANE!! He'll go nicely with the Union Jack patch on my backpack.

You're Jack's head wrap. You're cool, you're an
earmark of a pirate. You're crafty and useful,
you crave adventure. C'mon admit it, you do

What part of Jack Sparrow's outfit are you? {Pirates of the Caribbean}
brought to you by Quizilla


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