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Forget Brazil and Argentina. It's all about Uruguay now. Good job, you little nation you.

That game was amazing. Hopefully the Netherlands can take their first World Cup home on Sunday. It's been a while since they've gotten this far. They can do it. :D
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I haven't seen Argentina beaten this bad since the Falklands War.

...Sorry, I had to.
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I was really hoping Mexico would pull through for this one, but Argentina's an uber-tough team. That match eliminated the last team I was cheering for. You tried, guys. Good work. :)

Well, there's always the Netherlands. Hi, bro... :x
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That was... damn.

I only listened to it on ESPN radio, but good lord that was a crazy match. I need to watch the footage where England got dicked over by the referees.

All I can add is this: Germany mowed them down and kicked some serious ass. Good work.

EDIT: I saw the photos from the match. BULL-FUCKING-SHIT.
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You did awesome, USA. I'm very proud of you.

Ghana, I expect you to kick Uruguay's ass for this. Don't let me down. :)
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Mexico, I am proud.

France, you're fired.
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All I can say about the World Cup is this:

England, you're fired.

I think the US has hope this time around. TO THE USA!


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