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Sorry for the sparse updates. Between work, work, and more work, I haven't had much time to sit down and breathe. Even in chat I'm interrupted every 5 minutes. XD

Today is the day to air our grievances, but instead, I bring stuff I got in the mail. Eve's package arrived, as did my Secret Santa present from I now have two starter sets for the defunct Capcom/SNK card game (Ukyo and Twelve... I have both of those but it's cool XD) as well as two sealed boxes of cards: One Street Fighter and one Darkstalkers. Finally, I have SF III: Double Impact for the Dreamcast. Not a bad haul.

I really want to chow down on Eve's candies and cookies, but I must save 'em for after I make my late lunch/early dinner. Why? Because Eggplant is on the menu.

Part Cinci

Oct. 7th, 2009 10:23 am
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Sharing seven things across the span of a week.

Day 1: A song
Day 2: A picture
Day 3: A book/ebook/fanfic
Day 4: A site

Day 5: A youtube clip
Day 6: A quote
Day 7: Whatever tickles your fancy

I have to do this one early, since the two I'm about to show you... I can't access at work. I'm too lazy to search for them without being logged in. SO!

Have a dancing teenager and a dancing Neo Geo fan. )

Part Dos

Oct. 4th, 2009 05:43 pm
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Sharing seven things across the span of a week.

Day 1: A song
Day 2: A picture
Day 3: A book/ebook/fanfic
Day 4: A site
Day 5: A youtube clip
Day 6: A quote
Day 7: Whatever tickles your fancy

Piccy under here! )
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Because you guys need to be subjected to this, just as I have.

I want to run... I want to hide...
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I was gonna sit here and complain about my day (my relief was late, so I missed my ride home), but then Magnaflux on showed us THIS:

Japanese researchers caught a LIVE GIANT SQUID.

I've literally waited for this day since I was a kid. ::dances around like an idiot::
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Today was the day of gaming.

Taiki and I ran around Las Vegas to check out some of the less-than-desirable gaming establishments. Wow, these places are scary. I don't care if they have NGBC. They're still scary. After that we hit up Gameworld, and that was a little better. A little, if it weren't for the nerfed KoF 2003, the green-screened Project Justice, or the fuzzy MVS cab they had.

It almost makes me want to learn how to put these things together, so I know how to bloody fix them.

And after a nice round of GGX 1.5 @ the Orleans, we were ready to call it a night. All in all, a fun day.

PS - My Venom's gotten tons better. So this means there will be an X-bocks in my future along with GGXX#Reload. To EVO!
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We have a Neo Geo MVS machine at work.

It's for employees only.

I win.
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I give you Billy Kane for King of Fighters 2003. You may commence in your drooling.
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So last night I had a get-together with some of my fellow Neo Geo gamers. We had a total blast, playing all sorts of arcade and Neo Geo Pocket games. Then we go out to binge on sushi... and some damn good sushi at that. Hopefully it might be an end of the month routine. I could definitely hang out with these people on a regular basis.

In other news, the pin convention is in town, meaning that pin folks from around the world gather here to buy/sell/trade pins. It's kinda fun, but these people are very very obsessive. They'll do anything to try to get us to give them extra things that aren't allowed.

"It says we're entitled to two pins.. but can we have three?"

Me: NO!

Might as well cherish the moment.. since it'll be one of the few times we can actually say no to a customer. XD

Then there's the other sad news. Charles Bronson passed away. May he rest in peace.


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