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This is my latest painting "Scary Monster". It's acrylic on canvas, and I opted for the finger-painting method. It's not quite yet done as I need to add one more thing, but I figured I'd toss it up here for some preliminary browsing.

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But I now have a Deviantart Account. I'm mainly using it for photography. :3
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This is my Christmas present to my roommate Nanaki from a few years ago:

I call it, "My Neighbor Cthulhu".

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Meme rules:

Comment and I'll give you a person. find a picture of that person for each category. post the results in your journal.

Needless to say, this be pic-heavy. )
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I'm surprisingly motivated to finish my friend's build-a-Kenshiro bear costume. While I was decimating altering the jacket, I noticed these on the shoulders:

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Is there any way to remove or work around these? I wanted to make little shoulder pads but I'm afraid these will get in the way.
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I finished Golden Wind in six days.

Six days.

What the hell is wrong with me?! XD

I'll be taking a break from Jojo's as I've been drawing everything in "Jojo-vision", meaning my assignments have taken on Araki's style. Not a bad thing, mind you, but still. At least I got a pretty kickass sketch of Kira out of it. When I get back from my va-ca, I'll start on Stone Ocean. Man, this little jump drive is a LIFESAVER. *cuddles it*
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Just a few things to update on:

First off, I want to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday. *gives all of you a big Banana hug!* And here's what we had for dinner! )

Art class is going great. My class went to the Bellagio for the Modernist exhibit. Not bad, but most were too funky for my tastes. Afterward, I joined a classmate and her mom for lunch. Drawing-wise, I tackled some GG and Jojo's art using ink and pencils. I'll be posting more artses soon, including a planned one of Anasui.

Then there's some awesome news from Tatsunoko vs. Capcom:

Jun the Swan is a confirmed character! )
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I don't know why, but I've been totally going nuts over Matrimelee's soundtrack. So here's some to share:

Always beware of adorable aliens and their anal probes.

Okay, back to focusing on Giorno's sleeve for detailing purposes.
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Here's a random snippet off the newslines:

I didn't even know he lived in town. Still sucks even though Quiet Riot was not one of my favorite bands.

Tonight I -finally- start my projects. I think I found my card stock, so it's coming with me to work.

Cum on feel the noize... Girls rock your boys...
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Tonight's being busy and boring at the same time. Tons of calls, but the clock is moving slow, and people are being impatient. It's calmed down enough so I can post this piece of randomness.

@Tempest - I'm working on a sketch of the "new character" for DK. I hope to have it done by tomorrow. :3
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You know what this world needs more of?

read more for ARTISTS' CHALLENGE! )
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Today was one of those days I shoulda stayed in bed.

It all began when I realized I forgot my bus pass expired. I ran back to my apartment (as fast as I could as my knee's still recovering from paintball), and grabbed some change. I managed to catch the bus and made it to work early, but I still ran late because at the last minute I realized my work shirt got stained by my watch. Apparently the paintball paint reacted with the band and rubbed off (I didn't even notice there was paint on my watch until I walked out the door to head to the bus stop). So I had to get a new shirt, steam it, and put it on. The result? I was five minutes late to work, even though I arrived early.

Then when my shift started, every little annoyance that gets under my skin occured one after another. One customer picked up my tip jar. That's a big no no around me. Isn't it easier just to ask where I got it or how can they get one? Then someone else actually reached into my jar and took out my starter dollar to look at it! All of us have our special starter dollars that we place in the jar. My two have doodles and stamps, so they're both dear to me. It's hard not to be rude or snappy with these people, as that's my money/property. Both customers just went on and on about the jar and the stamped money, but when I said to put it back, only one apologized. I still can't get over how rude people can be without them even knowing it.

After lunch it improved a little, as my sketching upstairs calmed me down considerably. I had this badass Ult!Billy vs. Ult!Vega going, but it was interrupted by one of my co-workers joining me for lunch. Thankfully the sketch is about 40% complete, and she didn't ask me what I was drawing. Phew! XD

The rest of the night went on unventfully, but was rather slow. I got home at a reasonable time since the bus ride was only 15 minutes. That's a world record I think.

And now tomorrow, I must cleeaaannn!
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Well I got an update on the situation:

My dad went home today, and he was very happy to be back. He'll be going on a heart-healthy exercise schedule and will be making a hopefully full recovery. Get well soon Geese.. I mean Dad!

I've been having weird stomach problems recently, but I think it was just some mild food poisoning as I felt alot better when I ate a bagel this morning. I drank some sprite (OMG high fructose corn syrup! Thanks for scaring me, Dash no Chris! XD) and the burping helped out alot too. Now I feel hungry again like normal.. phew...

At work the saga continues, as they didn't give me the time off I requested. I will need to switch schedules if I am to go to my Venetian interview. Wish me luck on that one.

I am drawing again, and I did a kickass Terry Bogard. So soon I'll be on the finishing poses and pics for my friends' really really late requests. Thank you all for being so patient with my uninspired ass! :D


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