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Since I'm in a writin' mood, here are two fics for T, whose T-Day is today. :3

Always has to be Monster to Monster. )


The Butz Always Comes out at Night. )
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Think of this ficlet as an epilogue to the RP we're doing. Funny too since today is Vega's given birthday. THANKS CAPCOM!

Home is a boot camp, you gotta escape. Wanna go wander in the ticker-tape... )
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I turn a ripe 33 today. That is all.

-The Nana
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Pick one of your characters and one of mine and I'll give you 5-10 facts as 'written' by my character about yours. (Please be specific about games, because otherwise, it'll be confusing.

My Cast of Characters.

Also, I made some of those Guinness cupcakes and DAMN. [ profile] nanaki_muyo gave them two whole thumbs up, even though the Bailey's frosting was a little softer than I wanted. Still, they turned out awesome.
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This ripe old Banana is 32 today.

There's been more going on, but I haven't had motivation to post, so in a nutshell:

-Went to a breast cancer fundraiser for a former bartender. I spent about $10 on raffle tickets and won a goody basket. Good times indeed.

-Had to take Socks to the vet this morning. Other than needing a good teeth cleaning, he had blood drawn to see if there's anything wrong with his system. I'll find out the results tomorrow. Looks like I'll be keeping my phone on me in the kitchen. They're gonna love that. :|

-Finally, we got a new Venom at [ profile] versus_dressing, and it's not me! XD They do a good job too, so that makes me a happy camper.
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Mine wasn't a birthday gift, per se. It was a tiny birthday get together. Dash no Chris and Tom (one of the first members of the Neo Vegas Crew), met up with me at Gameland for my 26th birthday. Afterward, we went to Macaroni Grill, where I was treated to a homemade Billy Kane cake. It had melted slightly, but the thought and work behind it made me incredibly happy.

To this day it's still one of the best birthday presents ever.

Damn, I'm such a nerd. :D
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Just a few things to update on:

First off, I want to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday. *gives all of you a big Banana hug!* And here's what we had for dinner! )

Art class is going great. My class went to the Bellagio for the Modernist exhibit. Not bad, but most were too funky for my tastes. Afterward, I joined a classmate and her mom for lunch. Drawing-wise, I tackled some GG and Jojo's art using ink and pencils. I'll be posting more artses soon, including a planned one of Anasui.

Then there's some awesome news from Tatsunoko vs. Capcom:

Jun the Swan is a confirmed character! )
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It's the 31st Annual Day of Banana Birth. I gotta work, but at least I get time and a half for it.

Also, the Cheech and Chong show was AWESOOOOMMME. To top off the night, I gots me a Shiner Bock from Todd. All in all, a kickass evening.

Went to see W. Surprisingly, not a bad flick. Not worth $10, but at least a matinee.

EDIT: LOL bro got Bery Meron'd.
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Things have been nice and quiet on the Banana front.

Yesterday we celebrated a belated Nanaki day with Fuddruckers. Neither of us have been to one in YEARS, and it was just as awesome as we remember. Their bread gets much love from me.

Other than that, I've been rotting my brain on House and Psych. In fact, I think I'll continue with Psych Season 2 right now.
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I'd like to wish a belated happy b-day to [ profile] gardensgnome and to [ profile] honeychan!

Hope you ladies have/had an awesome one. :D
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Happy birfday to [ profile] jianna!!

She is indeed, HOT.
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Happy birthday [ profile] dynamo_hunter_a!

Hope you have an awesome day with more booze!
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Happy Near Year from those in the west!

And Happy Birthday, Nick! :D
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And before I forget (because I forgot to post earlier):

Happy birthday, [ profile] gonsai!!

::does a little jig for you::
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Happy birthday, [ profile] zappa_slave!

EDIT: I embedded the wrong one, so here's the proper one. XD That's what I get for posting from a speaker-less computer.
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Today's the 19th...

You know what that means!

It's the 30th annual Banana Day!

(As in, Happy birthday to me. XD)
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I'll post a bigger update later, but first:

Happy birthday, [ profile] lntora!
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and because I'm a forgetful Banana at times...

Happy Birthday, [ profile] ys_y!

Edit: I can't read anymore. XD
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Two words that shouldn't be used in the same sentence: Gangsta and MySpace.

Yep, that's the kinda day it's gonna be for the 29th annual Banana Day.

That's my birthday to you folks. :D
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Quick update before I am whisked away to work...

Happy Birfday Mom! :D

New Billy avvy! Heatherness found this really hot Billy pic whilst on her journey through the 'net. I'm not sure who the artist is, so if you drew this, you rock! Billy doesn't get enough attention and it's nice to see some pretty artwork of him.

And finally, my DVD burner still won't work. I wish I knew what the problem was...

With that, I am off! Wheeeeeee.


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