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I swear I'll give a vacation recap tomorrow at work, but right now I have a mini-update:

I got my 9th tattoo done today. It's Andy Warhol's Banana from the Velvet Underground release. I chose it because I was branded as the Banana when I was very little, so I decided to make it official. :3
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I'm seriously debating on getting my next ink in Austin. I know I have at least one artist recommendation from Lorelei, but I need to locate the information. All I really want to get is the famed Banana by Andy Warhol somewhere on my being. I dunno where yet. XD The possible location is either the underside of my wrist or the back of my arm, just above the elbow.

What brought this ink talk on? I went looking for Pricz Tattoo's website to post on Twitter, and I saw they still have their MySpace page up (though their actual site is gone ;;). Then I found the gallery for my regular artist. Lo and behold, he has my Crash Man ink up! I feel so honored! He pretty much has the job of doing my matching Gemini Man on the other side of my back.

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Sharing seven things across the span of a week.

Day 1: A song
Day 2: A picture
Day 3: A book/ebook/fanfic
Day 4: A site
Day 5: A youtube clip
Day 6: A quote

Day 7: Whatever tickles your fancy

I never got a chance to show most of you guys this, sooooo... )
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I've been craving me some ink lately, but I've been debating on what should be my 8th piece. I still want my Mega Man one, but this one piece is so clear in my head it's not even funny.

It's a tramp stamp of the Eye of Horus...


Kim, this is all your fault. <3
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Stuff to do in June:

-Save my monthly $500

-Get my eyes checked

-Go to Pricz to get my Venom tattoo touched up

-Clean the bathroom, and hopefully the living room

-Take Socks in for his annual physical

-Make a trip to the bank (more than once this time)

...I think that covers it.

Praise be to the extra paycheck next month, and with the OT I'll be putting in, it'll be a nice month. :D
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So I filled out an application with a place called Zen Zone in the Aladdin. It seems like a nice place, and if I do get hired I hope they won't have a fit over my wrist tattoos. I tried calling the place via Desert Passage's hotline, and I got some chick's house. What the hell? So I'm gonna drop by before work to see if I can get an interview with the manager. And get a working phone number.

For Christmas, I definitely want FIFA 2006, Neo Geo Battle Colliseum, and a stuffed toy sloth. Yes, they make them. How kickass is that?

PS - For Digital Tempest (when she gets back online): The DoA movie trailer is out. It made me very, very sad. They didn't even bother to give Christie white hair.
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Just as a reminder (and because I have nothing else to post XD), [ profile] goenitzstardust is my fic journal. So go over there and read the ficcage. Don't forget the feedback!

< /shameless promotion>

P.S. - I now have Venom's eye tattooed on my right wrist. Yes, I am a nerd. Duh!
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$90 and about 60+ minutes later...

I have me a Sgt. Major Kururu tattoo on the right side of my back just above my hip. The guys at Pricz are amazing, so I think I found myself a new local tattoo place.

Ku ku ku ku ku...
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You scored as Shadowcat. Shadowcat (Katherine "Kitty" Pryde) is a comic book superhero in the Marvel Comics universe. She used the code-names Sprite and Ariel in her early career, and is a member of the X-Men. She first appeared in X-Men #129 (1980). She is notable as one of the few recognizably Jewish characters in Marvel Comics.


Shadowcat is a mutant, with the ability to become intangible and walk through solid matter (an ability she calls "phasing"). Her powers first manifested when she was 13; shortly thereafter she was approached by both Professor Charles Xavier and the Hellfire Club's White Queen. Taking an instant dislike to the White Queen, she chose to go with Xavier. When Emma kidnapped Xavier and the X-Men, Kitty helped fight to free them. Proving herself in this battle, she joined the X-Men soon after.
Despite Professor X's attempt to move her to The New Mutants after they were formed, she remained an X-Man for several years. During this time she developed a crush on her teammate Colossus. During the Morlock Massacre, she was injured by Harpoon's energy spear and lost control of her phasing abilities. She was eventually cured with the help of both Doctor Doom and Mr. Fantastic. During Kitty's absence from the team, however, the X-Men had died fighting the Adversary. Unaware that Roma had returned the X-Men to life, Kitty joined the British team Excalibur. It was during her time with Excalibur that Kitty inherited her friend Magik's Soul Sword, and that she became romantically involved with scruffy British bad-boy Peter Wisdom.

Eventually Excalibur disbanded and Kitty ended her relationship with Wisdom. She returned to the X-Men, but left again after the apparent death of Colossus. Recently, she once again rejoined the X-Men at the urging of Cyclops and Emma Frost. On one of the new team's first missions, Kitty discovered Colossus alive and imprisoned in a research facility. The full repercussions of this discovery have yet to be seen.

Powers and Skills

Shadowcat possesses the ability to "phase" -- pass through solid matter by passing her atoms through the spaces between the atoms of the object through which she is moving. Utilizing her phasing ability she can also walk on air. While phasing she is intangible and thus invulnerable to physical attacks; additionally, telepaths have a hard time reaching her mind in phased form. Her phasing powers also disrupt any electronic equipment she passes through.
Due to a battle injury, Kitty Pryde became unable to control her phasing abilities, and nearly faded out of existence. Although Reed Richards and Doctor Doom saved her life, for years she was only able to become solid through great effort; she has since overcome this disability.

Shadowcat is a genius in the field of applied technology such as computers. She is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant as she was trained extensively by her one time mentor, Wolverine, in the arts of ninjitsu, aikido, and karate. She has had training in gymnastics and is a professional dancer.














Jean Grey


Professor X












Which X-Men member are You?
created with

Dude, I got a Shadowcat. XD Thanks [ profile] fairytaleupdate

Today I go to Curves to see how much they'll gouge, I mean charge, me to work out there. Then it's off to Pricz to see if I can get me a newfangled Kururu tattoo.
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I'm the Retail Department's nominee for the Hotel's Employee of the Month.

Translation: There's a one in five chance that I, the KoF playing, tattoo bearing, yaoi writing, j-rock listening Dominochan could be the Employee of the Month for the entire hotel.

Imagine that.

Scary, isn't it? XD

Not much else to report other than me getting some new ink on my left wrist. And Happy Belated New Year!


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