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I'm a little scared, to be honest. That poor closet is preparing to burst since it seems to refill with junk even after I sort through it. Luckily, I enlisted my little bro's help since this might be a 2 person job.

If you guys don't hear from me in over 24 hours, assume the closet ate me.
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Update on the housing situation (or lack thereof):

I called the landfolk today, and they said the previous manager didn't enter in my last lease (that's odd since they took over before March 31st, well after she left), but they told me they had me down at $720/mo. until April 2007. So no increase in rent for me!

There will however be a $22 charge in sewage/water/trash starting June 1st. I think I can swing that.

Wow, the company keyboard needs to be cleaned. And I got some data entry to do. Yay for slow nights.
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So before I leave today I found this notice on my door. It's from the new management of my apartment complex.

Basically it states that they're jacking up my rent to $770.00/mo along with a $22 charge for water/sewage/etc. It also states that if I don't sign another lease that they'll charge me on a month-to-month basis, which is $850/mo. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that sounds like a threat.

Now! Heather and I just signed our lease for another year at $720.00/mo. I made sure to do it ASAP so I wouldn't forget. Now I get this notice, barely 5 days after I signed my lease. Coincidence? I think not.

Tomorrow I shall be contesting this to the fullest, as it's illegal for them to do this after I've already signed my lease at the previous price. And according to my co-workers, they have to abide by the contract, or I have the right to report them to housing. Yes, don't make the Banana angry. :)

@Tempest - I'll go ahead and join the [ profile] xdevilskissx group, but email me if you want me to aid in co-moddage. I'd be more than happy to help!
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Family junk. Click at your own risk. :p )

Today I put up a sign on my fridge stating the house rules. I decided to create one in order to get the house back into shape, and to keep a certain someone from trying to pass his farts onto other people. You know who you are.

I think they're pretty simple, cut 'n dry rules.

With that being said, I will get my house back in order, and this night will not get the best of me. Damn you CVT safes! I shake my fist at thee!!
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And so I have returned!

I'm moved into my lovely new apartment, and while the place is a bit of a mess it looks beautiful. The place is huge, washer and dryer in unit, giant patio, and very secluded location. I will definitely be staying here for a while.

Pics of the place to come soon...
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I love this picture. The icon is made from a very pretty Billy Kane pic done by a talented artist named Wolfina.

Go see her work. Right now.

This month will probably be the most turmoil-filled month for me in a while. Yaoicon is now accepting registrations, my buddy Teka's coming in from Texas to hang out in Vegas, and at the end of it all, the big move.

I remember how hard moving is, and then I look at this place... and how much I want to move again.
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I just told the apartment people to turn on my plugs in my apartment since the weather's cooling off. So I'm back at home, enjoying my A/C free house and my stuff.

Viva mi casa!!

And before I forget...

More Quizzes for you! )
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I'm composing this from my apartment's community computer. I've been living in the model apartment (the one used to show prospective residents) because the electricity in my place has been on the fritz... since Friday.

Both the complex and the electricians have been dragging their feet about getting the power turned back on. That's what I get for living in such an outdated place. Come April, I am MOVING.

The reason why I'm so up in arms is because the place I've been staying... has been giving me very strange dreams at night. I thought maybe it was just me but...

-My first dream has Sagat, Balrog, and Bison screwing Vega for a least an hour. That's not a pleasant thought considering that it's basically a Shadowloo orgy. On top of that Sagat was Vega's first. I feel so dirty...

-Another has me and friends taking out some psycho killer, only to keep the man's hidden stash of body parts for ourselves.

-Others include some references to porn, gaming, and Guilty Gear... but I can't remember those all too well... probably a good thing that I don't, either.

On top of that my muses have been running wild. I drew a bunch of pics, painted (yes, PAINTED) a portrait of Orochi Shermie basking in her power of the violent lightning, and strangely, none of these pics have been provacative in any way. This is really starting to scare me.

All I want is to come home. Pray for my muses and my sanity.

Vega: and for my virginity.
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And so my AC has once again been restored, and my complex's maintenance has shown signs of competence.

And for that... I DANCE.
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It's easily triple digit weather outside, and my AC is dead.

There is nothing more you need to know.


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