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Since I'm in a writin' mood, here are two fics for T, whose T-Day is today. :3

Always has to be Monster to Monster. )


The Butz Always Comes out at Night. )
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First off, I get an email from Amazon. My Galaxy Express DVDs are in the mail.

Second, I bought a 17" laptop with a blu-ray player on for under $400.00. It got shipped out yesterday.

Finally, my pre-order for my Griffon Kanako figure was filled. I still have to pay for it, but it's been released!

WOO HOO, indeed! 8D
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Image Hosted by

This is my latest painting "Scary Monster". It's acrylic on canvas, and I opted for the finger-painting method. It's not quite yet done as I need to add one more thing, but I figured I'd toss it up here for some preliminary browsing.

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Yeah, I've been bitten by the writing bug. I just finished re-writing a prequel for [ profile] xdevilskissx, and now I'm tinkering with another DK side story.

My only theory as to why I'm writing so much again? I blame Wolverine and the X-Men. And more randomly, Justice League.
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You can hunt me down at 8D
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Really, Griffon? I was only vaguely interested in Nue until I saw this. Just toss Byakuren in and I'm as good as broke. :(
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I now has a musebox!

Come check out [ profile] boxobananas!
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It's no secret that I love schlock movies from the 50s, not to mention I have a soft spot for awesomely bad movies from different eras. So it's tough for me to pick an absolute favorite. Some more obvious ones would be Plan 9 from Outer Space (or most of Ed Wood's early work), THEM!, From Hell it Came, The Blob (1958), and Ray Harryhausen anything.

From the modern age, it's Street Fighter (1994), Adventures of Ford Fairlane, and Death to Smoochy.
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Galaxy Express 999 AND Adieu Galaxy Express 999 are coming out on DVD June 28th, 2011.

YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW LONG I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS TO HAPPEN. I'm slapping on a pre-order once I get home.
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Where do I begin?

Comics - I was practically born into it. We've always collected/bought/sold comics, so I just continue it here and there.

Action Figures - I dunno what prompted this, but I guess I never grew out of loving toys. And these days it's kicked into overdrive because companies are making characters I actually want. It goes double for PVC figures and statues since they're great quality and awesome designs.

Artbooks - This one's no secret. I love art in general, so I pick up artbooks here and there. It's a minor collection since they tend to be expensive.

LPs - This is a more recent collecting bug. I doubt I'll really get into it, but I have a pretty small and cool collection going at the moment.

Gashapon - A spinoff of my action figures. I get a better selection of characters at a slightly cheaper price. This one's died down a little since there haven't been any sets I've really wanted lately.

Hard Rock Pins - I've retired from it. I used to collect guitars from all the different Cafes I used to visit, but after working for them, the Pin culture started to scare me. So I sold off most of my collection and kept the guitars.
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Her lessons were largely unspoken, but still important.

Stay strong, even through the toughest moments.
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You were the first car I owned. We had our issues, but we also went on awesome adventures with friends. I endured a quirky transmission and no A/C in the summer months. I fixed your overflow tank, and invested in you so you didn't have to be a death trap. May your final trip to the sales yard (or the scrap yard) be safe and full of oil leaks.

Here's to you, Martian Manhunter. You lasted a good seventeen years, and you made the past four years awesome.


May. 1st, 2011 08:49 pm
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That's pretty much all I can say at the moment. Wow.
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J'onn's transmission is done for. I can't afford to pay for his repairs, so he's going to be donated.

I want to get a new car, but I still need to save up.

I don't really say this often, but seriously.

What do. What do, indeed.
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I was gonna drive down to my friend's house earlier this afternoon. I started up and put it in reverse.

Annnnd he sputtered and froze. I gave him a little gas and he managed to pull out. He drove fine once I put it in drive, but I wasn't going to risk driving him. I went back inside and looked up the problem. Sure enough, his transmission's dying.

I really can't afford to fix him, and my options for a new car are kind of on the low end. I do have options, but right now I'm just kinda depressed that he's dying. He was my way around town, and I just wanted him to last until the fall.

At least I'll save money on gas, even though I just renewed his registration like last week. >:(
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Before I toss these onto ebay, I want to let my f-list have first dibs on some stuff I'm selling. It's mostly doujin, but I also have cards, a couple of artbooks, and figures for sale.

Cut for giant peectures of lots of stuff. )
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I have no real answer for this, but I wanted to say the title reminds me of Josh Wink.

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While I wait for my friends to pick me up, I decided to check out ZUN's latest Touhou installment. It was the demo, so I got a glimpse of the first 3 stages and two new characters.

You get your choice of the usual protagonists Reimu and Marisa along with Sanae (the wind priestess who was also playable in UFO) and Youmu (a half-ghost guardian). Each girl has her own attack that gains power in a similar way to UFO, but there are new additions to the gameplay. You can collect these little spirit orbs that can add points, pieces that can lead to extra lives or Trance/Bombs.

When you're hit, the trance meter kicks in and you can keep fighting for a short period of time, although you can activate it without being hit by pressing C. It's kind of confusing and I'm still getting used to it.

Also, focusing with Youmu is a bit different as she can charge and release a slash attack as opposed to focusing her shot.

I'm still a bit sketchy on the story, but I'll still put a cut here for spoilers since I'll talk about the cast. )

Final thoughts? I like the mood so far and the music is decent. Methinks I will check it out again when it's fully developed and ready to go.
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Any of the Tim Dorsey novels would make an awesome movie. And as for the lead? George Clooney. He'd make the PERFECT Serge A. Storms. Just imagine his role in From Dusk 'Til Dawn and you're halfway there.


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