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Sardine on a pretzel. Nuff said.
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It's no secret that I love schlock movies from the 50s, not to mention I have a soft spot for awesomely bad movies from different eras. So it's tough for me to pick an absolute favorite. Some more obvious ones would be Plan 9 from Outer Space (or most of Ed Wood's early work), THEM!, From Hell it Came, The Blob (1958), and Ray Harryhausen anything.

From the modern age, it's Street Fighter (1994), Adventures of Ford Fairlane, and Death to Smoochy.
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Where do I begin?

Comics - I was practically born into it. We've always collected/bought/sold comics, so I just continue it here and there.

Action Figures - I dunno what prompted this, but I guess I never grew out of loving toys. And these days it's kicked into overdrive because companies are making characters I actually want. It goes double for PVC figures and statues since they're great quality and awesome designs.

Artbooks - This one's no secret. I love art in general, so I pick up artbooks here and there. It's a minor collection since they tend to be expensive.

LPs - This is a more recent collecting bug. I doubt I'll really get into it, but I have a pretty small and cool collection going at the moment.

Gashapon - A spinoff of my action figures. I get a better selection of characters at a slightly cheaper price. This one's died down a little since there haven't been any sets I've really wanted lately.

Hard Rock Pins - I've retired from it. I used to collect guitars from all the different Cafes I used to visit, but after working for them, the Pin culture started to scare me. So I sold off most of my collection and kept the guitars.
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Her lessons were largely unspoken, but still important.

Stay strong, even through the toughest moments.
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I have no real answer for this, but I wanted to say the title reminds me of Josh Wink.

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Any of the Tim Dorsey novels would make an awesome movie. And as for the lead? George Clooney. He'd make the PERFECT Serge A. Storms. Just imagine his role in From Dusk 'Til Dawn and you're halfway there.
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I think about them time to time.

Recently, I decided to google one of my closest friends from grade school. She was a 2nd year law student in GA back in 2005, but I haven't seen/heard anything since. I haven't heard anything from my best neighborhood friend since high school. I just wish them the best and if we cross paths, I have a LOT to tell them. :3
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It would be the equivalent of a Bananas Foster shake: caramelized banana, rum, a touch of chocolate, ice cream, and fire.
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The first thing I'd do is pay off my credit card bill. Then I'd toss a little here and there to family and friends.

After that, maybe a couple of charities are in order. And THEN I'd get that Yuyuko figure to add to my collection.
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Anything off of Magical Mystery Tour. Seriously.
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Pet Shop Boys "Where the Streets Have No Name" comes to mind, and not just because it popped on my iPod while I was typing this. It's just catchier than the U2 version, even though I enjoy the original thoroughly.

I have a few others in mind, but they're more "I like them equally" as opposed to "better".
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Haha, I actually plan on doing this in the future.

...Sort of.

I'm hoping to run my own ice cream parlor with fresh baked goods. Because there's nothing like having a warm cookie with ice cream on the side. I haven't quite thought of a name yet, but I have a few ideas.

I could go further, but I'm making myself hungry. So I'll stop there. XD That said, I'm gonna comb over DK again and see what I can do to help shoehorn add the new characters into the series.
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I dig it most of the time. I'm incredibly picky due to my crack-infused background, though. I feel it's a great way to flesh out characters who never get much of a chance in their canons. But you really have to dig through the sludge in order to find something worth reading. But when you get there, it's worth the digging.

Okay, so!

I may have solved my previous vacation conundrum. This is what I have so far:

It would be the first weekend of September (Labor Day weekend), and [ profile] dynamo_hunter_a will fly in that Wednesday. Friday, we'll drive out to San Diego and do stuffs with [ profile] orochi_phoenix. We'd head out that Monday. Then Dy flies back out next Wednesday. Remind me to hop on tonight so we can discuss costs, etc.

Also, I haven't forgotten about you, [ profile] arrshley. If you're still interested in visiting, lemme know. :3
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I do! My car's name is J'onn, named for the Martian Manhunter. He's mainly blue but with a green front.
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Mexico's Independence Day is September 16th. Way to go, LJ.
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I have quite a few international folks on my LJ. I'd love to visit them all, but so far I've visited one. And that's [ profile] enerjak. We hung out in Vancouver/Surrey/White Rock back in 2005, and I've been wanting to go back ever since. But I'll have to wait until she's returned from her awesome Europe adventure.
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Believe it or not, I was afraid of the dark. I used to sleep with a nightlight for several years. Sometimes I would even sleep with the lights on. Then one day I just stopped doing it. And I haven't slept with the lights on since. Well, except during grave shifts when I had to sleep during the day.
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I collect quite a few things:

Hard Rock Pins: This sort of died after I worked at the Hard Rock Hotel. I met other pin fanatics and they're frightening, so I didn't want to go down that path and sold most of my collection. I do keep a select few for nostalgia's sake and I still have my guitar collection. The jewels of my current collection are a Libra constellation piece and a 5 year sterling silver staff pin.

Comic books: THANKS, DAD. I don't have many at my apartment, but I have a sizable collection back in Texas. My dad continues to add to it with signed pieces and is looking into insuring it. As much as I enjoy reading the actual comics, I go with TPBs because I don't feel as bad damaging those. I don't know the current status of my collection, but I do know I have several autographed comics, the original 4-issue run of Frank Miller's Dark Knight, and Wolverine #1 (1982).

Action Figures and Gashapon: A symptom of the comic collection. I have a fascination with toys and figures, so I'm gaining quite a collection of those. Depending on the figure, they may or may not stay in the original packaging. I still need a place to display the boxed ones too...
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At first it would be kind of scary, since I don't have a backyard.

But for the sake of the question, I'd sit down and talk with them for as long as possible about our world. Realistic, yet positive. Though I'm probably not the best person to talk about humanity, especially to an alien.

And I would totally go back for a visit, as long as I could bring my camera. With extra batteries.
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Our universe is immense, and I think we should at least attempt to contact outside life. We're not alone, the truth is out there, etc. etc.

And apparently, Ricky Martin is gay. Suddenly, it makes all of the Hard Gay schtick that much more awesome.


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