Nov. 25th, 2016 10:10 am
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Please leave your name/handle and mailing address so I can send truffles! The roster this year iiissss:

-French-style dark chocolate

-chocolate chip cookie dough

-fudge brownie

-peppermint oreo

You will be getting all four in your order. If you want to change it up (more brownie, no oreo, etc), please let me know when you leave your mailing info. All comments are screened.


Nov. 11th, 2015 06:38 pm
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Greetings, all!

It's that time of year again. :D If you would like a holiday card, please post your name, snail mail address, and a character (can be anime/games/movie/etc) and I shall send you a card.

All comments are screened.
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I'm still alive. I'm just working and gearing up for the holiday season. My new job is working out great so far. My co-workers are friendly, management actually communicates, and even the customers are pretty cool. I swear, liquor brings people together.

SO! That said, I won't be able to make my usual candy packages this year. I have a strict budget due to previous commitments involving one Socks. But I am planning on sending out holiday cards this year.

If you want a card from me, just comment with your snail mail address. All comments will be screened.

Austin folk, I will do my best to plan a weekend trip this January!
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To [ profile] hackered,

How much do I owe you for the drink and shipping? :3
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The last 3 boxes went out today, so please let me know when you receive them. I can't wait to hear feedback from you guys. I worked pretty damn hard on these truffles, so I hope you guys enjoy them.

As much work as they were to make, I might have to do it again next year. I just love making sweets for everyone. XD
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Only one more to go after this.

I had to make a pit stop at Office Max for more boxes, and the last time I was there I left two in case if someone else needed them. Those same two boxes were STILL there, so you better believe I bought them. XD
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I just got back from le post office. It went a lot faster than I expected. All I need is one last set of boxes and I'm good to go.

Also, I was stopped on the way out by Fox 5 news. They wanted to ask a few questions, but I declined. I just woke up, no shower yet, and I needed to get home. Also, fuck Fox 5. :3
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Okay, the first wave of packages have been sent out. To my Canadian recipients, I hope it gets there on time. My biggest worry is that it arrives bad, and if that happens, I'm sorry. Just let me know when it gets there!

I'll keep you guys updated all week.
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I just finished washing the dishes. Everything is done, divided, and packed. Tomorrow I'll be shipping out the first wave of orders. After that I STILL need to buy more boxes. Office Max only had a small amount, but I will get them all out by the end of this week.

Also, my chocolate chambord truffles? Better than last year's. It's seriously orgasm-inducing chocolate. And the rest are pretty damn awesome, too. :d
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Sorry for the sparse updates. Between work, work, and more work, I haven't had much time to sit down and breathe. Even in chat I'm interrupted every 5 minutes. XD

Today is the day to air our grievances, but instead, I bring stuff I got in the mail. Eve's package arrived, as did my Secret Santa present from I now have two starter sets for the defunct Capcom/SNK card game (Ukyo and Twelve... I have both of those but it's cool XD) as well as two sealed boxes of cards: One Street Fighter and one Darkstalkers. Finally, I have SF III: Double Impact for the Dreamcast. Not a bad haul.

I really want to chow down on Eve's candies and cookies, but I must save 'em for after I make my late lunch/early dinner. Why? Because Eggplant is on the menu.
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The last of the packages have been sent. My brother -really- better enjoy that wine because it cost an asston to ship it express. And it was illegal because shipment of alcohol to New Jersey is prohibited. Huuur. I'm praying for the final packages to make to their destinations safely!

...I should study my notes for a bit. Or should I start another round of Final Fantasy VI?
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The second and third rounds of packages went out Saturday and today, respectively. Kim, I was a dork and forgot to pack the book in with yours, so I'll send it out when I send my bro's package on Wednesday.

I've heard some of my first round packages made it to their destinations. Yay!
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The first round of packages went out today. I sent them priority, so they SHOULD reach their respective destinations by Monday. Round two goes out tomorrow. After that, I'm gonna attempt to take Socks to PetSmart for his Santa photos.

...Can you be a crazy cat lady with just one cat?
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First off, major hugs, love, and many thanks to the previous comments posted. It's much appreciated. :D

Second, I'll be running a tad late mailing out stuff. I'm aiming for tomorrow, but HOPEFULLY it'll be Saturday at the latest. I should know by now to never let my friends go into massive tirades. They do in fact, go on for hours.

Right now though, sleeeeep.
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Almost!Vegan Snickerdoodles - DONE

Shipping supplies - DONE AND BOUGHT

I say almost vegan because unrefined sugar is expensive and the bags I found were clumping together really bad. I did replace the butter and eggs with oil and applesauce respectively, and I think that despite the refined sugar, they turned out really well. I did my best. ^^;; I'll start shipping everything hopefully Wednesday. If not, I'll let you guys know.

Next year, I'm looking into making candy. XD
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Be sure to sign up for the holiday cookie package. I'll be closing up the thread on the 29th!

This week I'm thankfully off from school. I have an idea of what to do for my take home assignment, since I'm one of the few students that isn't hooked on the Food Network. The best food shows are on the Travel Channel, DUH! XD And I doubt my instructor will let me do a 3-4 page report on how awesome Andrew Zimmern and Adam Richman are.

So I'll be writing a report on Crown & Anchor. It'll give me an opportunity to learn the name of their head chef and get a free hat out of the deal. All I have to do is drink... a... Bud... Light...

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I shall post this early so I can get my equipment together once everyone signs up.

SO! Judging by my poll results, you guys will be getting foodses for the holidays! Post here with your name and snail mail and I'll send you an assortment of cookies and candy, all made from scratch.

If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up on PM or AIM @thedarkfencer. All comments will be screened.


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