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Sorry about the lack of updates, but I've been prepping for my move.

See you hopefully when I get to Texas!
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I just walked in the door from my trip to Houston.

I think I'll go crash now.
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SO YES! I had a blast in Tejas. I got my fill of casual French food, Cajun, Chinese, Japanese, and everything in between.

Being in Houston again was weird in a fun way. I hung out with my dad and toured the city's comic book shops (The zoo was packed to the brim, so we couldn't get in). I managed to score a Bruno/Sticky Fingers figure, Jojo's vol. 6 & 9, Keroro vol. 18, a Santo luchador magnet, and a Hanshin Tigers Hello Kitty strap for le Todd. I also got to see the city where I grew up, and that was a bit of a mindfuck. So much had changed, yet it was still small.

And the beer... OH THE BEER! I tried so many new kinds and re-discovered my favorite stout. Dare I say it, St. Arnold's amber is superior to New Belgium's Fat Tire. Yes, it's that good. On the topic of booze, I met up with Will at a local pub that didn't even have English food. FAIL. And when I went out with my longtime friend Mary, most of Houston's bars ran out of Guinness. On St. Patrick's Day. DOUBLE FAIL. Then some guy was looking over my shoulder when I was texting Robin at the bar. TRIPLE FAIL.

This trip also reinforced my motivation to move to Austin. The traffic is a little cluttered, but still miles better than the idiot drivers in Vegas. And the feeders help me immensely. Once I'm done with my edjumacation here, I'm packing up. *Sends out massive Nana hugs to Eric, Zappa, Geoff, Kimba, and the rest of the Austin folks I met* Thank you guys for an awesome time. :3 I wish I got more pictures of everything, but that's okay. There's always next time.

NOW! RP-wise, I was just gonna ask:

Any thoughts/opinions on [ profile] mayfield_rpg (YES I'M STILL CONSIDERING IT) and [ profile] xi_rpg? I'm more interested in the latter since I really need a place to put my AU!Ky and possibly my AU!Venom.
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I'm waiting on my bedsheets to dry so I can make my bed before I go.


You guys behave yourselves while I'm away.

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Today was my shopping day. El Todd and I went to Red Rock Canyon first for some photog work, and after that we hit up a few places to gather stuff for my trip to Tejas. You guys are in for a nice little Vegas package. :3

I think I'm covered for the trip. I have my plane ticket, car reservation, stuff from here, and a mental list of what I need to gorge on when I'm there. Todd wants me to bring him back a girl, but I don't think one will fit in my carry-on luggage.

For now, I'mma unwind before I head home. See ya in a bit!
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I'm in Houston during St. Patrick's Day.

...I dunno why, but that picked up my mood significantly. Dad, can we buy a 6-pack of Guinness? :D
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OKAY, time for me to start planning for ze trip. I'm severely lagging in getting Kimba's Vegas package together, so I'll see about doing that this or next week. I have one component from his chosen casino thus far...

ERIC, WILL, ED: I'm planning to rent the car on March 12th. When is the best time to pick you guys up (Ed and Will) and when's the best to arrive at your place (Eric)?

I've also been kicking around the idea of doing some baking while I'm up in Austin. I sort of need a kitchen for that sort of thing, so who would like to volunteer a kitchen? And would you prefer a cake, pie, or cookies? :3

I am gonna be one busy Nana that weekend. And it's going to be awesome.
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Vacation time can't get here soon enough. I really want to see all of you guys in Texas, and I cannot wait to do a little apartment hunting while I'm there.

I'm really hoping I can utilize my certification there once I move. I know tourism and hospitality aren't big industries over there, but I want to bring what makes (made?) Vegas a travel destination. That means lots of delicious desserts at reasonable prices. :3

Speaking of le Vegas, Todd and I did some photography work at City Center, a giant new resort/condo/shopping area. I'll be uploading the pics when I get home, but I can tell you right now, driving through the self-parking was like taking a trip back to the 80's. It was pretty surreal.
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Since I posted two memes for one last time, I'll take this post to keep tabs on my vacation. Although it's gonna be more to look at apartments, I still want to hang out with everyone while I'm in Austin. :3

-Book flight
-Reserve car
-Bring stuff from here

Things I want to do:

-Kerbey Lane
-Arcade UFO
-Lots of fighting games, if possible

If there's anything you want to drag me to do, let me know.
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I just checked my grades for the semester. I seriously thought I was going to bomb after how my cooking final turned out despite how hard I rocked the baking final. I passed both classes with a B and a B- respectively.

Awww yeah. Now I need to see if I can sign up for the chocolate course over the summer. Not to mention that I have the spring semester around the corner. Fortunately, I'm taking a break from all that cooking. Time to learn the other side of pastry arts, stuff like purchasing and the outline of working in the Hospitality Industry!


I need to start planning for my Texas trip. So far, I have a place to crash in Austin (thanks, Eric!), and I know how much my ticket to Houston and a rental will set me back. Sadly, my friend Todd won't be joining me.

Also, this trip will be more of a scouting mission. I wanted to check out apartments and the like, so if some of you guys want to come along and show me around, you're more than welcome to do so. If it's in my budget, I'll even buy booze for you guys. XD
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The most awesome governor in the history of the Republic has passed away.

Rest in Peace, Ms. Richards. You certainly showed the nation what Texas was really all about.
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As you prolly read in my roomie [ profile] mature's journal, we've just returned from our vacation in Houston, Texas.

And now, here's the results of that trial. )
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Dear Hurricane Rita,


That is all.


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