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Think of this ficlet as an epilogue to the RP we're doing. Funny too since today is Vega's given birthday. THANKS CAPCOM!

Home is a boot camp, you gotta escape. Wanna go wander in the ticker-tape... )
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I never had a chance to honestly say this about anything, but:


You better believe I watched it. *dork*
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Now to FINALLY cover everything for EVO 2010. This year was held at Caesar's Palace. The convention space was excellent because of the increased interest, but it was a pain in the ass to access. The 100+ degree temps and humidity didn't help, either. All in all, a fun time was had.

As usual, pics and vids of ze con! )

I missed out on most of the qualifying rounds and finals because I seriously didn't want to deal with Strip traffic and the severe heat. So we just stayed at home and watched the stream. Needless to say, they were AMAZING. I know the women's invitational got a lot of flack, but I thought the players did a great job. French player AAA Kayane played a mean Chun Li, but Texan Burnyourbra was awesome. Major props from a fellow female fighter.

The HD Remix finals went to Snake Eyes and his Zangief, making him the first Zangief to ever win the tournament. And the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom finals were won by EG Marn and an unusual team of Zero/Alex. They beat out a badass Yatterman No. 1/Batsu/Yatterman No. 2 team played by Kbeast.

The real talk was about Justin Wong losing to the Taiwanese newcomer Gamerbee. I won't get into it since it's been driven into the ground at this point, but wow. I was so happy that an Adon player took him out, because Adon seriously gets no recognition. Gamerbee eventually took 5th place in the tournament, leaving Daigo and his legendary Ryu to battle it out with Ricky Ortiz and his Rufus. Ortiz put up a great fight, but Daigo won it again.

And with that, another EVO has come and gone. Now to wait around for next year, though I do need to contact them about a few things.

Until next year, people...
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[ profile] suck_it_sagat is in the SSFIV finals. This, ladies and gentlemen, is why I love him. :3

You know this totally makes me want to legitimately app him somewhere.
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Thanks to [ profile] abunaikitsune, I managed to play some SSFIV yesterday. I'm VERY happy to see most of the cast getting used. It feels more balanced and I look forward to playing more.

But Vega...

He's STILL too damn slow. Yeah, it seems they did tweak him from last time around. He's stronger than before and has the potential to be lethal. But his claw roll still starts out slow and builds speed (wat). My issue is that in order to utilize him properly, I have to undo a good 17 years of strategy and rebuild him from the ground up. It's extreme, but that's how it feels. I'll have to tinker with him more. Maybe I can blend what I've learned with how he's changed. It'll be tough, but we'll see.

Adon however, is awesome. He plays very much like his Alpha form, only on crack. His range is kind of limited, but he makes up for it with quick hits and some decent combo potential. He might end up becoming my main fighter. I'm definitely spending more time with him.

Like a dork, those are the only two I tried. Next time, I'll have to flesh out more, including Rose and Honda.
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I kick this entry off with some questions from [ profile] stefichan:

A Q&A with a Nana )

I'm still taking drabbles, but here's the first wave of prompts:

For Enerjak: Alcohol with a side of alcohol. )
For Faetan: This is what indecisiveness and Hannah Montana do to me. )
For orochi_phoenix: More booze goes here. )
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During my hangings out last night, I managed to find not one, but TWO Street Fighter OSTs at Zia Records. Both were 100% legitimate releases, waaaaay out of print, and at $8.99 a pop, a steal.

On top of that, I made the realization that Venom's entire life story has been written by Depeche Mode. Seriously. I picked up their 1986 release Black Celebration and yeah, that whole CD is totally him. Next to Exciter and Playing the Angel, of course.

Now to get some taggings together before I head out for the day. Later gators!
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Pinecone Attack's Capcom Fighters discussion!

I make a special guest appearance in this one. My only warning is that it goes on for a while. If you'd like to listen to the podcast without downloading:

Here's the link to just press and play.
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Dear Tiara,

That's what you get when you hold it in too long! You know what I mean...


M. Bison
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I wanted to get up around 12:30-1am, but I decided to lay down again...

and woke up at 3am.


In other news I've been building my UFS Vega deck. Usually I've been sticking to Blanka since he and Vega have the same symbols on their cards. But now that the SNK expansion is out the likes of Nakoruru, Charlotte, and Kyo (Yes, THAT Kyo. Kyo "I'm not gay" Kusanagi) are incorporated into my deck. And I realized that Adon's a major dick in this game.

But I wouldn't have it any other way.

According to the comic shop I frequent the SNK cards are doing well, and I heard that a new game was licensed. Sadly we don't know which one. I hope it's Guilty Gear, but it's probably Tekken or Virtua Fighter. We'll see. But if the new KoF and Samurai Spirits are selling, that means more characters... and Billy Kane as a playable fighter.



PS - I beat Breath of Fire :D
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So the gang and I went out to Lowe's, Home Depot, and that evil place (AKA Wal-Mart) to look for equipment for a certain project. I can't say much about it because it's top secret, but hopefully we'll have it done in time for EVO.

Then Dash no Chris surprised me with a Vega/Balrog card that's worth $50 on Ebay, so I'll be buying a sleeve for him just to keep him as a good luck charm. He then proceeded to surprise us with the dubbed "KoF: Another Day" anime. Now I usually enjoy the dubs on the same level as the subs, but man this was bad, even for me. There was like zero emotion from the voice actors... and I don't know how many times this has annoyed me, but BILLY KANE IS NOT AUSTRALIAN! HE IS ENGLISH (no offense to my Australian buddies of course). His VA decided to go with the generic muddled accent, and he sounded horrid. It made me sad.

The actual game (KoF: Maximum Impact 2/KoF 2006) however made me have an orgasm. Billy has so many combo possibilities, and I think his beloved Vega's rubbing off on him. He's far more agile and stylish than before. Oh yes, this is the hottest Billy yet. After one total loss and a couple of rounds, I laid waste to Taiki's Ryo quite a few times. And if I lost I was giggling my butt off, so yes buy this game when it gets released stateside. I know I sure as hell am. :D
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You are VEGA! The man whose philosphy is based on
self gain. He is apart of M. Bison's gang for
money purposes. You have a weird attitude and
probably is just plain old crazy. You take
battles lightly until you lose. Hope the mask
tastes good. Your one of the weakest characters
in Street Fighter

Which Street Fighter character are you? (For all)
brought to you by Quizilla

I would love to challenge this person and see how well he holds up against my Vega. He's not so weak anymore, is he?
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We've been watching the SF II: V anime again. As it gets gayer by the second, we're unable to look over the fact that while Vega and Ken fight, Bison literally gets up from his seat and leans over the rail of his seat. Then this big grin graces his face, one that screams "I like little boys and girls. Fear me".

Once I get a screencap I'll prove that he's a total pedo.
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I now have a copy of the SF II: V DVD set. Thankfully, this one isn't a bootleg like the last one.

Now, I haven't watched all the episodes, just certain ones. ;) Ken and Ryu are definitely screwing around, Chun-Li is a total slash fiend (for those of you who are just tuning in, I can't stand Chun-Li. This version of her is actually tolerable, even liked by me), etc. But the real reason I watch this series?

Three words: BARELY. LEGAL. VEGA.

I'll give a full review once I watch the whole series and not just the Vega parts.
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Because I have alot of time on my hands...

I give you my list of Capcom vs. SNK 2 team names. These are teams I use, and some I don't. Teams I don't use will be marked with an *. Why are the unused ones listed? Because I felt like it. Nyah.

Vanity Team - Vega/Benimaru/Kyosuke
Orochi Team - Yamazaki/Vice/Iori
Hungry Wolf Team - Terry/Rock/Geese
*DOMC Team - Terry/Bison/Geese
"Princess" Team - Joe/Vega/Geese (Their stage is London of course)
Team Bish - Vega/Yamazaki/Iori
*Muay Thai Team - Sagat/Joe/King
Fatal Fury Tribute - Terry/Yamazaki/Geese/Joe/Mai (any 3)
*SNK Heroes - Kyo/Terry/Ryo (DUH XD)
*Art of Fighting - Ryo/King/Todoh
Go Back to School! - Kyosuke/Kyo/Sakura

I have more but I am drawing a blank at the moment. This game needs more Billy Kane and some Duck King added.
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The BillyxVega muses are strong. Don't worry though, I'll have those muses in check once I actually start the sequel fic.

That's right, I'm doing a sequel to "Princess". This time it'll have actual lemon, and of course Joe Higashi. You can't have too much angst, right? So he'll be my comic relief.

In real life news I'm interviewing for a supervisor position at a new lingerie shop at the hotel. Here's to hoping I get the job....


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