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I'm still alive. I'm just working and gearing up for the holiday season. My new job is working out great so far. My co-workers are friendly, management actually communicates, and even the customers are pretty cool. I swear, liquor brings people together.

SO! That said, I won't be able to make my usual candy packages this year. I have a strict budget due to previous commitments involving one Socks. But I am planning on sending out holiday cards this year.

If you want a card from me, just comment with your snail mail address. All comments will be screened.

Austin folk, I will do my best to plan a weekend trip this January!
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The first round of packages went out today. I sent them priority, so they SHOULD reach their respective destinations by Monday. Round two goes out tomorrow. After that, I'm gonna attempt to take Socks to PetSmart for his Santa photos.

...Can you be a crazy cat lady with just one cat?
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I got a call from Socks's vet today. She told me his urinalysis looked a lot better than the previous one, since he was a bit dehydrated last time. The bad news is they found some bacteria and white blood cells in the new sample. So off to culturing it goes. I'll find out the results at the end of the week.

All because the dork swallowed a string and some paper.

Other than that, it's been a pretty quiet vacation. And I have a clean room finally! :D
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Well, I got the results for Socks. Luckily, my cooking instructor was sympathetic when I told him about Socks, so he let me take the call.

The vet wants to do more tests to determine why Socks isn't eating or drinking much. She suspects it's because of his age. She also mentioned that kidney problems are common in cats, but thanks to people bringing them to the vet more often, they're getting treated quicker. Basically this means Socks has to pee in a cup come this Friday and possibly get an x-ray. This is gonna hurt my wallet again, I know it. And just after I started to save money from my monthly bills.

He's totally worth it, though. <3

The thing is, how the hell am I gonna get him to pee in a cup?
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This ripe old Banana is 32 today.

There's been more going on, but I haven't had motivation to post, so in a nutshell:

-Went to a breast cancer fundraiser for a former bartender. I spent about $10 on raffle tickets and won a goody basket. Good times indeed.

-Had to take Socks to the vet this morning. Other than needing a good teeth cleaning, he had blood drawn to see if there's anything wrong with his system. I'll find out the results tomorrow. Looks like I'll be keeping my phone on me in the kitchen. They're gonna love that. :|

-Finally, we got a new Venom at [ profile] versus_dressing, and it's not me! XD They do a good job too, so that makes me a happy camper.
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Socks just fell in the toilet.

Good going, you silly cat.
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I'm due for an update, aren't I?

I took my new scooter for a test drive Tuesday. The thing's very much like a horse, as in it's a bit stubborn and I'm overcompensating for the turns. Overall it was a lot of fun. The drawback is that I need to take some driving courses in order to get my motorcycle license. It wouldn't be so bad if the classes weren't so inconvenient. I work 12am-8am, and the classes start at 7am. Looks like I may have to pull some time off, again... -__-

My bro loved the birthday card I got for him. Gotta love a guy who is obsessed with toilet paper. I was going for the pirate theme since the 19th was Talk like a Pirate Day, but the toilet paper card called out to me.

Today is officially KoF day, as my copy of KoF: 2006 has finally arrived at my local Lamestop. I'll be picking that up after work. Billy Kane for the first time in 3D since Wild Ambition. Awww yeah.

I posted some more fic at [ profile] goenitzstardust, so go read and review please. :D

And congraturation to Socks, who is still in awesome health. And brush your teeth you damn cat!
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Stuff to do in June:

-Save my monthly $500

-Get my eyes checked

-Go to Pricz to get my Venom tattoo touched up

-Clean the bathroom, and hopefully the living room

-Take Socks in for his annual physical

-Make a trip to the bank (more than once this time)

...I think that covers it.

Praise be to the extra paycheck next month, and with the OT I'll be putting in, it'll be a nice month. :D
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And so I took the Socks to the vet today.

He has a clean bill of health and behaved himself the whole way through the examination. But the only bad side to this is that he meowed the whole way there and back. And I took the bus.

You know how you look and shake your head at people who bring their crying babies onto public transporation? Yeah, that's how I felt.

I think some Chinese food is in order, not to mention some reward wet food for the kitty.


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