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First off, I get an email from Amazon. My Galaxy Express DVDs are in the mail.

Second, I bought a 17" laptop with a blu-ray player on for under $400.00. It got shipped out yesterday.

Finally, my pre-order for my Griffon Kanako figure was filled. I still have to pay for it, but it's been released!

WOO HOO, indeed! 8D
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You can hunt me down at 8D
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You'll never walk alone.
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May I humbly request some more BLU Sniper please? I have six at the moment.


Love, the Nana
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All I can say about the World Cup is this:

England, you're fired.

I think the US has hope this time around. TO THE USA!
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I really have no idea how to describe today. I'll do my best with a handy timeline...

-I nearly got into a wreck on the way to my friend's house. A black car with Wisconsin plates swerved in front of me and almost hit a car in the lane next to mine.

-We had delicious Sin City Hefe on the Strip. Server was awesome.

-While we were waiting for a table at PF Chang's, Mario and Luigi walked by. One of them dug my Spy shirt.

-The service at Chang's was so bad I didn't leave a tip for the first time.

-Golden showers for tourists' children provided by Mayor Goodman and sponsored by Sapphire Gin.


-Coffee Bean ordered too many pastries, so they were all half off. And we got free samples. Barista dug my hair.

-Michael Jackson and Rick James impersonators.

-On the way back to the car, the server we didn't tip got in the elevator with us with her server friends. What are the odds of that?

And like I said before, WAT.
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So my first year of school has officially ended. I don't have my Purchasing grade yet, but I passed Intro to Hospitality with flying colors. It feels weird not to have to wake up early on Monday morning, but don't worry. That'll change come June when I take a month-long crash course in Sanitation. 4 days a week at the Cheyenne campus for 2 hours a day. I'm just glad it's only for the month of June.

Other than that, it's been pretty uneventful around here. The RP scene has been stable, been hanging out with friends, and cooking more at home. Hell, we're even getting [ profile] xdevilskissx back on track.

I still wish I could visit Texas this fall. But that's okay. I have an awesome trip set up now that I've filled out my vacation slip for Labor Day.

So yes, quiet days have been quiet...
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[ profile] kitsoru journal post reminded me of a dream I had the other night. [ profile] gonsai was writing a compilation of different RP stories. It included our Ky/Venom from Sieben as well as a bunch of Touhou stuffs. It was sort of hybrid novel/graphic novel and it was really cool.

But it did lack TF2 pages... Hmmmm...
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I just NOW received my receipts for my LJ gift accounts. Good job, LJ. :|
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But I now have a Deviantart Account. I'm mainly using it for photography. :3
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Since I skipped it by accident yesterday, I deliver this bit today:

What Would Scooby Do? and The Chupacobbler.

That's terrible. I quit.

*Takes a handful for the road*
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With all the junk that's going on in my life, this really perked up my morning:

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You be the judge!

Image Hosted by

Either way, I bought it at Old Navy.
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I was going to make a bitchy post, but then I remembered this pic I made.

And now, your moment of Zen:
Image Hosted by
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When you see this:

And you automatically think this:

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Before I head off to bedness, I'd like to welcome the new peoples to my journal. I'm the Banana, also known as Dom, Dommie, Nana, Mama, etc. I'm probably one of the older folks you'll see on el-jay (I'm a ripe 31 years old), but I don't really act like it.

I'm a 9-year Las Vegas resident, I love booze, fighting games, art, writing, and SCIENCES! My journal's an incredibly random mix of local tomfoolery and fan stuffs. RP-wise, I play an odd mix of fighting game charas amongst others.

Oh, and I have a lot of nerdy ink. :3

I think that covers it. Again, welcome to the Banana journal and I hope you enjoy your stay!

-One Sleepy Banana
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You know how some days are dictated by how your morning plays out?


I was walking back from Walgreens when the wind knocked off a palm tree's dead branch. Said branch HIT ME IN THE SHOULDER!

Yeah. :|
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Dr. Bishop: "Don't be such a prude. I'm sure Agent Dunham knows what a penis looks like. Don't you, Agent Dunham?"

Peter: "My father, ladies and gentlemen."

Man, I'm glad Fringe is back. XD


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