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I just walked in the door from my trip to Houston.

I think I'll go crash now.
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Have some shameless plugging instead. :3

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Please be careful and stay dry. Let's hope this storm doesn't sweep us all away before Christmas.
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I really have no idea how to describe today. I'll do my best with a handy timeline...

-I nearly got into a wreck on the way to my friend's house. A black car with Wisconsin plates swerved in front of me and almost hit a car in the lane next to mine.

-We had delicious Sin City Hefe on the Strip. Server was awesome.

-While we were waiting for a table at PF Chang's, Mario and Luigi walked by. One of them dug my Spy shirt.

-The service at Chang's was so bad I didn't leave a tip for the first time.

-Golden showers for tourists' children provided by Mayor Goodman and sponsored by Sapphire Gin.


-Coffee Bean ordered too many pastries, so they were all half off. And we got free samples. Barista dug my hair.

-Michael Jackson and Rick James impersonators.

-On the way back to the car, the server we didn't tip got in the elevator with us with her server friends. What are the odds of that?

And like I said before, WAT.

Oh lol

Apr. 8th, 2010 10:36 am
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I-15 from Barstow to Nevada State Line One of the Worst Roads in America.

Not only is it a boring as fuck stretch, it's also packed with traffic. I nearly got into a wreck about an hour outside of Vegas because a construction truck pulled out in front of me and doing like 20 mph. I was doing 70 (the speed limit), so I literally had to swerve out of that lane. Fortunately, the other drivers quickly cleared a path and I was able to merge over without getting hit. But yeah, traffic on the 15 blows the whole way down.

No way in hell I'm doing that drive alone again, either.
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Today was my shopping day. El Todd and I went to Red Rock Canyon first for some photog work, and after that we hit up a few places to gather stuff for my trip to Tejas. You guys are in for a nice little Vegas package. :3

I think I'm covered for the trip. I have my plane ticket, car reservation, stuff from here, and a mental list of what I need to gorge on when I'm there. Todd wants me to bring him back a girl, but I don't think one will fit in my carry-on luggage.

For now, I'mma unwind before I head home. See ya in a bit!
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Vacation time can't get here soon enough. I really want to see all of you guys in Texas, and I cannot wait to do a little apartment hunting while I'm there.

I'm really hoping I can utilize my certification there once I move. I know tourism and hospitality aren't big industries over there, but I want to bring what makes (made?) Vegas a travel destination. That means lots of delicious desserts at reasonable prices. :3

Speaking of le Vegas, Todd and I did some photography work at City Center, a giant new resort/condo/shopping area. I'll be uploading the pics when I get home, but I can tell you right now, driving through the self-parking was like taking a trip back to the 80's. It was pretty surreal.
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I have much more to choose from for this entry. Right now, I'm flipping through Weird Las Vegas and Nevada. The research is spotty, but it's entertaining. It also lists some great hidden gems for visitors that like to go off the beaten path. The other one I'd recommend is for my fellow astronomy nerds. Atlas of the Universe. Seriously. It's gooood.

Sixteen! )

And now for ze bonus meme:

Reply to this post, and I'll tell you one reason why I like you. Then put this in your own journal, and spread the love.
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My main nitpick about this is traffic. Seriously, not many people know that traffic on Las Vegas Blvd. (AKA, the Strip) is a nightmare to drive down. It's stop-and-go past Spring Mountain and Tropicana. One fender bender could send the poor stripper flying through the windows. The dancers only have the pole to grab onto, not chairs or other people like on a city bus.

The tourist at the end knows where it's at, too.

It sucks that we got mobile billboards leaking into the non-tourist areas, and now we got this.

Good job, guys.
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Happy Halloween everyone! :D

And a Happy Nevada Day to the locals! Even though they changed it to the 30th so it wouldn't interfere with Halloween. lolwut.
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Allow me to set up a little scenario for you.

Let's say a celebrity comes to your city and, instead of going to a trendy, touristy area, they go to a local establishment. Now, the establishment isn't in the greatest neighborhood in the city, but you could easily name at least 4 areas that are far worse. Then the celeb says the area is the most dangerous place she has ever been in.

That's what happened to Las Vegas.

Y'see, there's a little frozen custard place called Luv It off of Las Vegas Blvd. @ Oakey. Actor Mindy Kaling (best known for her work on "The Office"), said the area surrounding the custard stand was "the most dangerous and sketchy neighborhood I’ve ever been to in my entire life". Really? The worst? She's lucky she didn't go near the Charleston/Fremont/Eastern intersection. Or the Commercial Center. Or Decatur @ Twain.

She pissed off a lot of locals despite her positive reviews of the custard. The area around Luv It is actually one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, and that says a lot for a place like Vegas. So yeah, I can see why they're angry.

What's my take on all this? Well, I have no plans of boycotting Kaling, as I never liked "The Office" to begin with. I just think that she needs to get out more, even if she meant it as a joke. In the end, Luv It gets national attention, and it deserves recognition, because their custard is AWESOME.

To finish this entry, here's the clip from the Late Late Show w/ Craig Ferguson, where she talks about her "experience":

Riiiiiight. Now I feel like grabbing some custard.
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You know how some days are dictated by how your morning plays out?


I was walking back from Walgreens when the wind knocked off a palm tree's dead branch. Said branch HIT ME IN THE SHOULDER!

Yeah. :|
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You know you're not gonna have a good day when:

1. Sahara's narrowed down to two lanes in the middle of the day and it takes 10 minutes to go down the street.

2. The complex's turning lane is completely blocked off, as is your line of vision.

3. The actual path to your apartment is also blocked off by the garbage truck.

I hope Nanaki got to work on time. Sahara @ Decatur is a complete mess.
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This is a really entertaining little series:


It's about a town in BFE, Texas and them going to Vegas. The whole town. Literally. Like all 300+ people. Gotta represent, yo.
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To follow up on a previous entry:

Seriously, this is incredible. I'm glad to have seen this kind of weather in Vegas. Now I'm happy I stayed in yesterday. XD
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After last night's storm, I expected to see just the mountains covered in snow.

I was wrong.


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(And in semi-related news, Nevada went BLUE!  WOOOOOOOOOOOO!)

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The temperature outside is barely 60 degrees. AND it's doing this:

What the hell, Nevada? On Memorial Day weekend when it's supposed to be over 100 already. But hey, at least I could turn off my AC... AT THE END OF MAY!
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The local rock station plays Bob Marley's "Jammin'" in honor of 4/20.
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It almost literally feels like a tropical storm outside. The wind is so high that it rocked my car while I was waiting to turn. In all the years I've lived here I've only seen it worse once, and that was almost five years ago.


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