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...I suddenly have the urge to app Billy Kane to [ profile] eastern_story.

What the hell, brain. What the hell.
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I kick this entry off with some questions from [ profile] stefichan:

A Q&A with a Nana )

I'm still taking drabbles, but here's the first wave of prompts:

For Enerjak: Alcohol with a side of alcohol. )
For Faetan: This is what indecisiveness and Hannah Montana do to me. )
For orochi_phoenix: More booze goes here. )
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I got tagged by [ profile] kitsoru, so has a questionnaire about...


Do you like this character?

Love him. I just randomly picked him out of the KoF lineup one day and stuck with him. Now he's one of my favorite characters.

What Name(s) Do you call this character?

Kenny, human garbage disposal, meatbun addict

What image/color do you associate with this character?

Blue. Or pink if I accidentally choose the Pride!Kensou.

What song do you associate with this character?

"Summer Song" by Joe Satriani and "Psycho Solider" from the KoF series.

What blood type do you think this character is?

*looks it up* According to SNKP, he is type B.

Of all the titles that this character appears in, what character do you like to put this character with?

Canonically he goes with Athena, buuuut I go with whomever meshes well with him. And I have a soft spot for Kensou/Chris.

In RP, he's been with Kuradoberi Jam and Hanataro Yamada.

What would you want to say to this character?


What do you want to do to this character?

I NEED TO WAKE HIS ASS UP! He's been a slacker lately.

Tag 5 people with a character!

1. [ profile] evil_kimba - Kakyoin
2. [ profile] arrshley - Sakamoto
3. [ profile] gonsai - Ky Kiske
4. [ profile] inpew - Tonio
5. [ profile] orochi_phoenix - Blink
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Annnd now for something completely nerdy:

In short: KoF is coming to the big screen in 2008. It'll be live action, so it runs a major risk of being complete ass. I'm remaining extremely cautiously optimistic on it, mainly because I love my KoF and am happy to see the series getting some recognition. On the other hand it could be another MK: Annihilation or Street Fighter. I'll end up seeing it. I know it.
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Today's bus ride was one of those that makes me crave the scooter.

There's this drunk woman sitting in some guy's lap behind me. The guy was someone she just met on the bus, and she bitched and moaned about getting laid off from her job and her $25 bike being stolen. She said, "fuck it" and went off to get drunk and missed her stop on the route.

So yes, I want my scooter now.

Tonight is going to suck because our manager decided to install something on the computer system, and now I can't access the files necessary to type in the calls, gas receipts, mileage, or basically do my job. And our surveillance cameras are down.


Oh, and aliens have landed on in Southtown. Do not be alarmed as they're only interested in the city's underworld for some reason. And anal probes.
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KoF: Maximum Impact 2 Billy Kane is the sexiest set of pixels on this earth.
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So the gang and I went out to Lowe's, Home Depot, and that evil place (AKA Wal-Mart) to look for equipment for a certain project. I can't say much about it because it's top secret, but hopefully we'll have it done in time for EVO.

Then Dash no Chris surprised me with a Vega/Balrog card that's worth $50 on Ebay, so I'll be buying a sleeve for him just to keep him as a good luck charm. He then proceeded to surprise us with the dubbed "KoF: Another Day" anime. Now I usually enjoy the dubs on the same level as the subs, but man this was bad, even for me. There was like zero emotion from the voice actors... and I don't know how many times this has annoyed me, but BILLY KANE IS NOT AUSTRALIAN! HE IS ENGLISH (no offense to my Australian buddies of course). His VA decided to go with the generic muddled accent, and he sounded horrid. It made me sad.

The actual game (KoF: Maximum Impact 2/KoF 2006) however made me have an orgasm. Billy has so many combo possibilities, and I think his beloved Vega's rubbing off on him. He's far more agile and stylish than before. Oh yes, this is the hottest Billy yet. After one total loss and a couple of rounds, I laid waste to Taiki's Ryo quite a few times. And if I lost I was giggling my butt off, so yes buy this game when it gets released stateside. I know I sure as hell am. :D
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King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2 (er, KoF 2006) needs to come stateside NOW.

I watched the opening sequence and DAMN. I WANT THIS GAME!!!
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So KoF: MI2 has been released in Japan. I really hope there's a US relase, but for now, el Dash no Chris BETTER have gotten his copy. Or he'll face my wrath for keeping me from my Billy fix.

In the past, I've really disliked driving. I get distracted easily, and while I had a clean driving record, the incident where I ended up in an empty house's lawn still haunts me. Stupid DP threatening to spill. However, reading and playing Initial D is rekindling my desire to drive again, though not like they do. If I get some practice in, I should be all right to take the driving exam. It still puzzles me that you have to have a license to get a car here, but you have to have a car to get the license. Meaning I get to borrow someone else's car! -_-;;

The car situation's gonna be fun. If it's not Dash no Chris harping me to buy American, it's Taiki pushing me to go import. So basically no matter what I buy, I'm gonna be fucked either way.

Right, I'm going straight to Consumer Reports. I'm gonna get a car I like, that won't put a dent in my wallet for gas and/or repairs, and will look awesome. If it's gonna be American, so be it. If it's import, so be it.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it! :D
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The next few days have been packed to the brim with Billy.

I received pics of Billy being in the new KoF: Maximum Impact 2. 3D Billy.

How badass is that?! :D

P.S. - If they reach out that far, check out FFI's debut release called Germ. They may just be one of the next big things out of Vegas. Remember, you heard it here first... sorta.
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Today we headed out to Build-a-Bear again to buy one of those "build-a-sound" chips for the bears. It allows you to make a custom message for whenever you squeeze the bear's paw. I ended up using the KoF '98 soundbytes and recording it onto the chip. Then we bought the bear, gave it boxers, overalls, and work boots.

Now we have a bear that says, "Hey hey hey!" whenever you squeeze it.

Why no, I'm not a total Billy Kane fangirl, really.
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And so Heather had her job interview today. She was in there for a good 45 minutes, a definitely plus sign. Here's to hoping she gets some employment! Wheeee!

::does the employment dance::

I also broke down and went into the Build-a-Bear Workshop in the Desert Passage. I came out with an Ult!Billy Kane bear.

I'll definitely take pics of him, but in a nutshell, he's a caramel cub with boxers, lightly ripped jeans (the jeans were already faded, so I just took a pair of scissors, cut, and then washed the jeans to the tag's instructions), a pair of converse-style tennis shoes, and a soccer jersey. All he needs is a red/white striped bandanna and a bo staff.

Now I'm seriously considering making stuffed animal clothing based on Capcom and SNK fighting game characters.

Maybe it's just the sugar though... maybe...


Nov. 10th, 2004 02:45 pm
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New fic is up at [ profile] goenitzstardust

It's a possible first-of-its-kind BillyxShingo. Go read.

And leave feedback. ::winkwinknudgenudge::
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::squees like a fangirl::
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You're Terry Bogard!

Which King of Fighters Guy (Hero) Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Billy's gonna kill me. :o

Other than that no updates to report just yet. I still gotta tally this weeks tips to give you the week's Heather fund.

Buuut my brother is coming in next week. Yay!
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Can anyone tell me the significance of being pregnant in a dream? I know why I had the dream (one of my customers was -very- pregnant), but I wanted to know what such a dream meant.

So far the possible culprits are Geese Howard, Ryuji Yamazaki, and Ultimate!Billy Kane. Damn these dream children...
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Geese Howard. Philanthropist. CEO. Crime Lord. His foundation, The Howard Concern, is one of the most prominent businesses in Southtown, if not the state. While other corporations such as Enron have fallen over corrupt business practices, The Howard Concern has remained afloat over the past several years, however even this powerful foundation has its problems.

Competition has been gaining against the powerful foundation. Other domestic warlords have tried numerous times to dethrone Mr. Howard and his company. Mr. Big, a well-known pimp, is one rival to Geese, sending several henchmen to the Howard Concern's prosperity. Another opponent to the Concern is Hong Kong arms dealer Ryuji Yamazaki. Mr. Howard has frequently contracted Yamazaki to fight for him, but the Japanese crime lord would like nothing more than to rid the world of Geese and keep the company for himself. Other large corporations, such as the Bernstein Connection (headed by the megalomaniacal Rugal Bernstein), and NESTS (led by an unusual assortment of workers) would love to take over the concern, but so far all attempts at such a feat have failed.

Not all people see the Concern as a legitimate business, especially in its native Southtown. Terry Bogard, a long-time resident and local street fighter, opposes the Howard Concern, seeing as the head is said to be responsible for the death of his father, Jeff. Terry's younger brother Andy and their mutual friend Joe Higashi have tried many times to bring down the Concern. Though they've failed, they still keep fighting.

Another family that fights against Geese is the Sakazaky clan. Originally this Japanese-American family was against Mr. Big and his operation, but recently they've been aiding the Bogards in bringing the Howard Concern down. Many other people, mainly fighters, are still working together to bring the Concern to an end for their own personal reasons.

Security is becoming very stagnant with the Concern over the past few years. While it doesn't seem like much of a fault at first, security with a company can be the difference between life and death. Geese only keeps three other men around him at all times: Ripper (a silent, stoic man), Hopper (an older, loyal guard), and Geese's most trusted right-hand man, William "Billy" Kane. These three bodyguards are the Concern's main line of defense, and while Ripper and Hopper stay in the background, Billy's the most recognized guard. They are loyal to Geese no matter what, but what about the rest of the company? Compared to other large corporations, there isn't much security outside these three men. It is unknown why Geese retains such low security, but if he doesn't beef it up he could be in serious jeopardy in terms of information leakage and physical assults on his buildings.

Many other factors along with these plague the Howard Concern, but the company keeps itself up and running. Perhaps Geese has his own secrets on how he's remained in business so long, despite his own brushes with death. The Concern may be still going, but soon it will be going the way of the dinosaur if it doesn't shape up soon.


As you can see I like making serious papers about ficticious companies.

Billy: Can I get a raise now, sir?

Geese: ........... no.
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I got my new doujinshi in today. It's called "Piggy Bank" starring Billy Kane.

Poor Billy gets tied up by the Bogards and Higashi and then gets held for ransom. Then our Brit is seduced and tied up again by Geese, and then seduced and freaked out by Yamazaki.

All in all, a very entertaining and well-drawn book. Plus Andy gets some too.

Just another post from your resident Billy Kane fangirl.
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Today started out dead as a doornail.

Then I'm short 7.00 in my drawer, meaning that if this one's found to be a mistake on my part I get nailed and written up. I always tend to do that and screw myself over without meaning to.

And then I come home... to a notice on my door about a package. And this package was from Japan. It was my winnings from what I thought was a 3-book Billy Kane doujinshi auction.

Boy was I wrong. It had SEVEN Billy Kane doujinshis along with one based on the Jin Brothers. So here I am giggling at all the cute Billy stories, and then I go hang out with my friend Chris.

He lets me download the rest of the hidden characters for my SvC: MOTM game so I can watch chibi Billy and Vega face off with their taunts before their respective bosses some out to do battle.

THEN in Card Fighters, I traded 3 of my cards for a great Billy Kane card.

All in all, it was a bad day made into a good one... and I am indulged in Billy.


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