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This one is ganked from [ profile] rubberspaceduck

Mmmmm giant time-consuming meme is awesome. )

Whew! That was kinda cool. :D But yes, I am trying to create two playlists at once, and they're leaking into one another. For now, here's the compilation for Faust's weird FST.

Possibly the weirdest of the weird? We shall see... )
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Meme rules:

Comment and I'll give you a person. find a picture of that person for each category. post the results in your journal.

Needless to say, this be pic-heavy. )
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During my hangings out last night, I managed to find not one, but TWO Street Fighter OSTs at Zia Records. Both were 100% legitimate releases, waaaaay out of print, and at $8.99 a pop, a steal.

On top of that, I made the realization that Venom's entire life story has been written by Depeche Mode. Seriously. I picked up their 1986 release Black Celebration and yeah, that whole CD is totally him. Next to Exciter and Playing the Angel, of course.

Now to get some taggings together before I head out for the day. Later gators!
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I has a few memes for you guys, the first being a 100-word drabble.

100 Word Muse Meme

1. Pick any of your RP muses
2. Get into the zone, really into their psyche, and write a drabble about the first aspect of them that pops into your head.
3. The drabble must be exactly 100 words. No more, no less.
4. Post it under a cut with the character and the aspect/thing that you wrote the drabble about in your journal
5. Tag 5 other people to write a drabble for one of their muses.

Venom - Acceptance )

Damn, that took me longer than I wanted. I won't worry about tagging, so you guys snatch this meme if you like. :3 SO! Time for a music meme!

❶ Name 15 of your LJ Friends.
❷ Then put your music playlist on shuffle.
❸ Each random song is dedicated to one of your Friends. (Ex; First song for first friend on list)
❹ Ready? GO!!!

1. [ profile] enerjak The Killers - "Tidal Wave"
2. [ profile] kitsoru Boy Hits Car - "Lovefurypassionenergy"
3. [ profile] cideon Stone Temple Pilots - "Big Bang Baby"
4. [ profile] stefichan Metallica - "...And Justice for All"
5. [ profile] orochi_phoenix Geto Boys - "My Mind is Playing Tricks on Me"
6. [ profile] nemesyx Deep Purple - "Highway Star"
7. [ profile] arrshley Peaches - "Boys Wanna be Her (Tommy Sunshine's Brooklyn Fire Retouch)"
8. [ profile] areku14 Oingo Boingo - "Gratitude (1988 Boingo Alive Version)"
9. [ profile] evil_kimba LCD - "Think Smart"
10. [ profile] mellysandshrew Black Mages - "Vamo' Alla Flamenco (FF IX)"
11. [ profile] gonsai Mazedude - "Chrono Trigger: Island of Zeal (OC Remix)"
12. [ profile] rubberspaceduck Joe Satriani - "Crystal Planet"
13. [ profile] jianna Stevie Nicks - "Blue Lamp"
14. [ profile] hackered Alien Fashion Show - "Detroit Swing City"
15. [ profile] pointzerofive Delirium feat. Sarah McLachlan - "Silence (DJ Tiesto Remix)"
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The day the fandom turned upside down:


More spoilers inside. Click at own risk. )
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I realized something when I looked at Guilty Gear: Accent Core's artwork.

Is it just me or does Venom's artwork look reminiscent of Dumb Donald from Fat Albert & the Cosby Kids?
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Because I'm too lazy to post it in my fic journal. XD

I'd love to have tea, but... )

I tried to put a time limit on it, but my co-worker decided to talk my ear off about a week's worth of workplace drama. So I hope it isn't too choppy or fragmented. As long as you folks like it, it's all good with me. Just be sure to leave el feedback.

PS - sorry about showing up late on Friday night. I've been catching up on sleep since the move so I've treated myself to some long ass sleep times. Again, I'm sorry. I should be back on normal time by Sunday night.
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Because no day is complete without making fun of Ky. The voice actors for Dororo and Kururu are the same as Ky and Zato/Eddie, respectively.
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Okay seriously...

Will someone please pry Ult!Scott off of Ult!Eddie? It's really irritating. They haven't been able to keep their hands off each other since I had a dream where they hooked up.

And by Scott I mean Cyclops.

And by Eddie I mean Zato.

... Yeah, you heard me.
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This is all [ profile] croik's and [ profile] quilombo's fault...


I actually like Ky now. Granted, he will still be made fun of for being a goody-two-shoes Frenchman, but I won't flat out hate him anymore. I won't be an anti-Ky person any longer.

Of course I still dislike SolxKy stuff. Can't they just jump Venom and be done with it?
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This is how I spend my night off: I'm nose deep in the virtual Nevada Driving Handbook. I can only get so far before I start getting sleepy. And it makes me remember how fucking boring driving school was, but the actual driving isn't that bad.

The thing is I retain a lot of the information from when I drove in Texas, but I won't remember it until the situation comes up. Fun. I don't want to end up like, "hey, do I get the right of way? ::CRASH!:: I didn't think so...". Okay I'm not that bad, but I just want to make sure I retain enough info for when I actually do go in for my driving test.

In happier news Taiki came by and fixed my stick for good. And I got a working copy of Final Fantasy IX. So now I can actually put in some overtime for GGXX/ practice. When we were testing everything out he said, "Against everyone else I feel confident, but against you I feel like a n00b". That must mean I'm good, or that Venom intimidates people. XD

Once I finish this damn handbook I'll indulge in some Secret of Mana... and then I'll be off bright and early to the DMV. It opens at 8am, I'll be there around 7-7:30am.

Serge is coming with me.
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Due to the slow-ass night I'm having (save for Loc. 32 and their issues >.>), I decided to whip up a little analysis of Guilty Gear yaoi pairings. Yes, I have some creative energies building up and I'm extremely bored. I'll go back to "Hammerhead Ranch Motel" later.

Let's Rock! )

Told ya I was bored :p Then again, that took me longer than I expected.
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The more I play Ky Kiske the less I'm starting to hate him. Yeah, he's a goody two shoes, but he's a knight. And he's more difficult to use than I thought. I probably won't like him still, but it's better than downright hating him for his goody-goody nature.

Last night Taiki and I decided to head out to Pool Sharks. That place is cool, but seedy as all fuck. When there's a sign on the door that says, "No bandannas, no colors, no weapons allowed", something's wrong. It has a small bar, a 24-hour mini-deli with finger foods (not sure if they had chili fries though...), and your choice of pay and quarter tables.

The location isn't exactly the safest (Decatur @ Twain just before Spring Mountain), but the place honestly had an odd neighborhood charm to it. If I could keep the charm and reduce the threat of criminal activity I would so open a pool hall. Maybe have it a little further west without entering Summerlin territory. Or maybe the NE side...

Because dammit, I want a decent place to play!! With a good jukebox, a friendly atmosphere, foodage, and a full bar. Is that too much to ask...? ;___;
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My life has all but been taken over by a new Venom-centric story. I've been playing Ky Kiske to get more ideas.

Film at 11.
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I've been virtually having multiple orgasms over this Guilty Gear boxed set along with the vocal and live CDs. I can officially say that Daisuke is incredibly talented since he covers so many types of rock and metal while keeping it original.

And the lyrics to Venom's theme are amusing and sad at the same time. I'll have to start calling him "snooker boy" more often. That and "Venny". Or "Ven-Man".

Still no word from the job front, but I'm not giving up hope anytime soon. The giant final paycheck from the Hard Rock will aid me considerably.
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So I picked up a copy of Guilty Gear: Izuka.

As much as I love the series, I can't understand why they had to make the usual jump and turn commands into button commands. Was that gonna make the game too easy? Hell, even Final Fight had arcade stick or controller pad turn around abilities. The jump part I don't mind, it's the damn turn command.

For now it turned me off from the game, but I'm determined to give it another chance. I mean... Axl... and Anji... and Trev- I mean Venom!
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Axl Low's Oedipus Complex Explained! )
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Axl Low develops an Oedipus Complex and Brad Crawford hates pandas. )
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The following is just a silly theory my friends and I cooked up. It's not meant to be taken seriously in any way. With that said I give you...

The Axl Low Factor )


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