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Like a few people on my f-list, I have a quest:

To collect figures of all the characters I've RPed throughout the years. This is not an easy task since I tend to lean towards minor/background/underused characters. I've been semi-fortunate for some figures, but others have surprised me with their lack of figures. So in this post, I'll be keeping track of all the stuff I manage to come across in the name of my RP collection. I'm not sure how to set it up yet, but I'm sure I'll figure something out soon. XD

It's probably going to get long. )

Last updated: February 10th, 2016
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I should probably post more here, but the best way to see what I'm up to is to check out my tumblr:

Find me under Mama Nana!

I've been getting back into figure collecting, and that's been hurting my wallet a LOT. My collection is growing at a rapid pace, mostly consisting of Touhou and Kotobukiya's Marvel and DC bishoujo lines. Thankfully I've been making enough to cover my debt and bills.

Other than a few personal bumps, life's been slowly but surely getting back on track. My dad's officially retired, and I've been mulling over going back to school for art instead of baking. We'll see how it goes. I definitely want to at least take some art courses before I make a final decision.

Ninja Edit: Also, if you're curious about my growing collection, here's my profile at My Figure Collection /dork alert
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Image Hosted by

She's simply beautiful. Griffon did a great job.
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First off, I get an email from Amazon. My Galaxy Express DVDs are in the mail.

Second, I bought a 17" laptop with a blu-ray player on for under $400.00. It got shipped out yesterday.

Finally, my pre-order for my Griffon Kanako figure was filled. I still have to pay for it, but it's been released!

WOO HOO, indeed! 8D
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Really, Griffon? I was only vaguely interested in Nue until I saw this. Just toss Byakuren in and I'm as good as broke. :(
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Where do I begin?

Comics - I was practically born into it. We've always collected/bought/sold comics, so I just continue it here and there.

Action Figures - I dunno what prompted this, but I guess I never grew out of loving toys. And these days it's kicked into overdrive because companies are making characters I actually want. It goes double for PVC figures and statues since they're great quality and awesome designs.

Artbooks - This one's no secret. I love art in general, so I pick up artbooks here and there. It's a minor collection since they tend to be expensive.

LPs - This is a more recent collecting bug. I doubt I'll really get into it, but I have a pretty small and cool collection going at the moment.

Gashapon - A spinoff of my action figures. I get a better selection of characters at a slightly cheaper price. This one's died down a little since there haven't been any sets I've really wanted lately.

Hard Rock Pins - I've retired from it. I used to collect guitars from all the different Cafes I used to visit, but after working for them, the Pin culture started to scare me. So I sold off most of my collection and kept the guitars.
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I collect quite a few things:

Hard Rock Pins: This sort of died after I worked at the Hard Rock Hotel. I met other pin fanatics and they're frightening, so I didn't want to go down that path and sold most of my collection. I do keep a select few for nostalgia's sake and I still have my guitar collection. The jewels of my current collection are a Libra constellation piece and a 5 year sterling silver staff pin.

Comic books: THANKS, DAD. I don't have many at my apartment, but I have a sizable collection back in Texas. My dad continues to add to it with signed pieces and is looking into insuring it. As much as I enjoy reading the actual comics, I go with TPBs because I don't feel as bad damaging those. I don't know the current status of my collection, but I do know I have several autographed comics, the original 4-issue run of Frank Miller's Dark Knight, and Wolverine #1 (1982).

Action Figures and Gashapon: A symptom of the comic collection. I have a fascination with toys and figures, so I'm gaining quite a collection of those. Depending on the figure, they may or may not stay in the original packaging. I still need a place to display the boxed ones too...
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Now that I've finally gotten my photos sized and uploaded, it's time for my thoughts on Comic Con.

As many of you folks know, I'm no stranger to comic conventions. I used to go to a couple back in Houston and I attended Mega Con during my Florida days. However, none of those prepared me for this. Comic Con was a whole other beast. 120,000 people flocked to the San Diego Convention Center for 4 days of nerdy goodness. I was there for two. So sit back and relax, because this is gonna be one long, photo-heavy post.

Day One: Friday! )

Day Two: Saturday! )

Overall, I had a really good time. I'm considering going in 2010, though if I do, I don't want to drive down there alone again. Everything was handled well for the most part, and while there were shortcomings, they weren't enough to discourage me from wanting to return. Besides, I'd love to hang out with everyone again!
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Nana has now officially entered Con Crunch Time(TM). For those attending, if you'd like a souvenir from Las Vegas, please send a text message or comment here. I'll do my best to get you something. :3 [ profile] dynamo_hunter_a, I have the stuffs you requested, although I still haven't located- Wait, I found the soap. XD ANYWAY, stuff I need to do:

-Make eye appt. DONE
-Make hair appt. DONE
-Call the dad on status of package DONE - he called me XD
-Print out maps DONE
-Buy camera batteries DONE
-Gather stuff for autographs DONE
-Buy car adapter for iPorn DONE
-Rip more CDs DONE
-Pack (in progress)

I still can't believe it's only a couple of weeks away. I can't wait!
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Well, not really.

I'm gonna be planning a yard sale for the end of the year, so I can raise money (and get rid of a buncha stuff) for the move. I've asked around, but I wanted to ask you guys:

How the hell do you hold a yard sale for an apartment? I know it's possible, and I can't exactly do it from the place itself. My co-worker said to hold it outside the complex and on the sidewalk... the only problem is I live on a major thoroughfare and I don't want to gunk up traffic on Flamingo.

On the plus side it'll be basically a geek yard sale as I'd be selling some CDs, manga, possibly video games, posters, wallscrolls, etc. My biggest load off my chest though would be the two dead computers I have. I'm gonna have to sacrifice a lot of memories from the Gatedump and brainwipe it for it to be sellable. The E-Machine I just need to get rid of. XD Hey it would make for good spare parts.

I figured this would be easier as opposed to selling my stuff online. If anything I'll sell my Hard Rock stuff on eLame along with a couple of artbooks. Once I'm ready I'll have you guys get the first dibs on my stuff. At least with all of you I know my stuff will go to a good home. :)
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Methinks today will be Ebay day.

I'm gonna ask Nanaki Chris to help out (plleeeaaassseee??), but anyways, I'm hoping to get all my stuff scanned and photographed so I can put it up for auction.

So if you guys know anyone who's into doujinshi and/or Hard Rock pins, keep an eye out because I have quite a bit to sell. XD
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As you prolly read in my roomie [ profile] mature's journal, we've just returned from our vacation in Houston, Texas.

And now, here's the results of that trial. )
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Ohhh Canada! )
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An so Halloween has passed.

It was much quieter than my past Halloweens, but I don't mind. I went to the Las Vegas Comicon this year and I have to say that I was pretty disappointed in the lack of decent costumes going around. There was one chick dressed as Kill Bill's Gogo, and that was pretty cool. Others had more of a Star Wars/Star Trek thing going for them. Oh, and there were these two really cute black guys dressed as Batman and Superman. That made me happy. Of course I already knew I was gonna have a decent time because the moment I set foot into the Mandalay Bay casino Peter Gabriel's "Big Time" was on the house music. XD

I managed to score a decent amount of booty at this con: a Vampire Hunter D poster, some Weiss Kreuz pins for mah Stefi, A signed Ruth Thompson print for my Lauren, A superhero "successories" print for the dad, and a bargain $10 SNK artbook for... me.

All in all it was a good time. Wish I had more money for some of those spiffy video game t-shirts though....


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