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Feb. 8th, 2012 09:41 am
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I have been at the liquor store for less than 3 months. Yesterday, one of the managers came up to me and said I'm going to be in charge of the water section. This area includes our bottled water, sodas, juices, energy drinks, and possibly our frozen foods. The deli ladies will begin training me sometime this week.

It's not the beer section, but it's a great start. I am excited, mostly because I can come in and I don't have to be on the register all the time.

The floor banana is ready.
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And Spec's is doing a background check on me. After that, drug test.

Then orientation.

And employment. With a family-owned company. Plus beer.

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It would be the equivalent of a Bananas Foster shake: caramelized banana, rum, a touch of chocolate, ice cream, and fire.
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In honor of the MvC3 drink menu that's been floating around, I give you a special recipe:

The Fatbert Wesburger

Based on a series of drawings by the talented [ profile] enerjak, Fatbert is a fat version of Albert Wesker. He was inspired by the movieverse Wesker in all his bigness.

1 1/2 oz Vanilla Vodka
1 1/2 oz Cherry Schnapps
Coca Cola

Pour both vodka and schnapps into a glass filled with ice. Top with coke and garnish with your choice of a slice of pizza or a slider burger.
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Rare Vos Belgian-style Ale makes any day better.

That is all.
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I'm in Houston during St. Patrick's Day.

...I dunno why, but that picked up my mood significantly. Dad, can we buy a 6-pack of Guinness? :D
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Since I can't seem to count, I realized that I forgot one of the days. SO! In a ninja edit, I'll show a talent as well as a hobby. Two for one! :D

According to my familia, I have a penchant (yes, a penchant. I am fully aware of how snooty it sounds XD) for drawing. I've been drawing since I was little, and while I do have my dry spells, I haven't really stopped. Recently though, I found out that I'm a pretty damn good candy maker. My baking gets a lot of good reviews, but my candy gets rave reviews like you wouldn't believe. I'm seriously considering doing candy and ice cream as well as baking as a career in the future.

Now for a hobby!

I have my usual hobbies such as drawing and writing, but today I share this one with you:


No, seriously.

I love drinking different kinds of beer and writing about them. Slowly but surely, I'm learning my way around domestic and import brews, the different kinds, and what to look for in a good beer. So far, I've found that I LOVE stouts. Guinness is my fave, though Left Hand's Milk Stout is incredible. Hefeweizen is my second favorite kind, with Sin City Brewery's Hefe being my absolute favorite.

I also collect the bottles from the beers I try, so one day I can display them.

11 Days )
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I was batting 1000 today in class. :| I messed up the head count so we ended up with more fruit than needed, my tart shells should have come out sooner, and my finished fruit tarts looked decent at best. It was not a creative day at all. XD

I'm in the minority when it comes to fruit tarts. The fruit's arranged and piled on to look attractive, but outside of the giant ones that can be sliced, how am I supposed to eat it? On top of that, I don't want to eat it because it looks so pretty. I'd much rather have mine look good and taste great and not vice versa.

At least I think I did well on the quiz.

I think I just need to calm down a little and take a breather. Beer sounds good, too.
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I love the nightly chat. It was there that I came up with this booze recipe. It's probably been done, but it now has a cooler name.


1 1/2 oz. Orange Vodka (Grey Goose preferred)
1 1/2 oz. Pomegranate liqueur
Twist of Lemon

Shake first two ingredients with ice and strain into chilled martini glass. Garnish with lemon twist.

Thank you, [ profile] areisama and your Shinji for inspiring this drink. <3
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To Heather (and anyone in the Vegas vicinity),

You said you wanted a bar without a nightclub, a place to meet folks and get drunk. Personally I avoid these places since most of them don't have a pool table (yay priorities), and the fact that you tend to dislike bars and clubs in general doesn't help me much. After some asking around however, the general consensus is hitting up the Fruit Loop.

The area is is Paradise Rd. between E. Flamingo and Harmon, near the Hard Rock Hotel. There's Gipsy (the rival nightclub of Krave), Double Down Saloon (not a gay bar, but tourists are scared to go in because of the location. Live music on Sundays and the legendary bacon martini), FreeZone, Buffalo (leather bear joint), and Get Booked (which has a really nice staff). I was also recommended to the Rainbow Bar and Grill, which I heard a lot of good things about.

The other area is the Commercial Center. It's the 900-1000 block of E. Sahara @ Karen. My experiences are a minimum since I now govern the west side, but I say it's at least worth a visit. The most noted place there is the Pride Factory, a part of a small chain from Florida.

And then there's Snick's Place (shameless plug!!) on 3rd Street.

That would cover my knowledge of the bars. For more information I suggest you stay up late and chat with my old co-worker Oliver at the Hard Rock. He knows far more than me about these things. XD
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A lot has happened over the past... ::checks last update:: 10 or so days, so here's a lowdown )
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Alcohol after a rough day at work = needed.
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The Full Moon sucks ass, especially at a casino. Lessons learned:

-People are stupid. Casinos have change booths so people can have change for gambling and tipping. Don't ask the gift shop staff to make change, you lazy mofo.

-Mystery shoppers and the Attorney General seem to have it out for us. 100% satisfaction for 100% of our guests is virtually impossible. You undermine our intelligence and our customer service abilities. The Atty. General's job I can understand, but is it really necessary to be such an ass when busting someone? Kindly fuck off, you overpaid mofos.

-Kids should not have access to credit cards until their parents see fit. Seriously. Use your heads, dammit.

-Red Bull is overpriced and smells like pure sugar. Nuff said.

I need a drink. ^_^
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And so a handful of buddies from Kraptastica are in town, and so far they're a smashing group of people. I say smashing because two of them are from the UK and their accent is rubbing off on me.

I should've hung around them while I was writing my Billy Kane fic.

But so far it's been a great vacation. I handed in my transfer slip, got some coins cashed in, made my friends some caramel apple martinis. I gotta admit I do make a mean martini.

Now to freshen up and shower for day 2 of "Krap vs. Las Vegas".


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