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Name:Nana, Master of Servant
Birthdate:Oct 19
Location:Houston, Texas, United States of America
Website:My Photography Stash
Okay, so here's the lowdown:

After a lengthy stay in Las Vegas, I've returned to Texas. I'm an aspiring pastry chef/culinary mad scientist, fighting gamer, beer enthusiast, and all-around nerd.

Since 1992. Ku ku ku ku ku!
i am a major geek

Affiliates and Museboxes:
[community profile] boxobananas, my personal musebox
[community profile] devilskiss, an ongoing crossover story set in the Ultimate Marvel Universe

Interests (131):

action figures, ai no kusabi, alien nation, andrew zimmern, angry video game nerd, anime, astronomy, axl/anji, baking, bartending, bass guitar, beer, billiards, billy kane, billy/storm, billy/vega, blink, cajeta, californication, cats, cid/vincent, classic rock, cooking, crack pairings, cryptozoology, david lebovitz, depeche mode, dexter, doujinshi, drawing, eggplants, exiles, fables, fanfiction, fighting games, final fantasy iv, final fantasy vi, final fantasy vii, final fantasy viii, fringe, galaxy express 999, gashapon, green arrow, guilty gear, guitar rock, hard rock, heavy metal, hina kagiyama, house md, houston astros, houston dynamo, irvine kinneas, james bond movies, jojo's bizarre adventure, justice league unlimited, kaphwan weaselpants, keroro gunsou, king of fighters, koyasu takehito, ky/venom, laguna loire, laguna/irvine, last blade, law & order svu, leiji matsumoto, liverpool fc, mad scientist culinary experiments, magical trevor, making ice cream, man v food, mega man, metal slug, metalocalypse, morph, music, neo geo mvs, nevada, new wave, nightcrawler, no reservations, nocturne, paintball, painting, paranormal phenomena, pet shop boys, petshop of horrors, phoenix wright, preacher, psych, pvc figures, raine sage, rival schools, roleplaying, rpgs, samurai spirits, seifer almasy, seifer/irvine, sgt. major kururu, shounen ai, signum fas, sloths, snk playmore, sol/venom, storm, street fighter, tales of symphonia, techno, texas, the killers, tim dorsey, touhou project, transformers, traveling, u2, ufos, ultimate x-men, vampire savior, vega, vega/storm, venom, video game soundtracks, video game tattoos, video games, wipeout xl, writing, x-files, x-men, x-men legends, yaoi, ytmnd, zelos wilder

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